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Worst tourist scam in Prague continues – these people are still changing money on the street. And we keep running after them…
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

  1. philip_statho says

    Oh god I just discovered your channel

  2. Karel Vrána says

    Jste prostě řízci 😀

  3. Oware Prince says


  4. Candi Soda says

    LOL 4:02 as soon as you see this dudes age i was thinking "hmm no way in hell this old fart is going to run haha"

  5. Nischal Bhujel says


  6. andrew christian says

    Scammer:fucking no fucking camera fuck no
    You:fuck yes

  7. Francisco Monjellos says

    Thanks mate! You're job is amazing!

  8. Ravi kant says

    I appreciate your team for this brave work ,… Thanks to aware the people

  9. Tarek Noor says

    Harassing scammers on street is hella fun! Subscribed.

  10. Simon Klenovec says

    Honza je nejlepší kameraman 🔥

  11. Jarred Hay says

    Someone, please make an App. Integrate it into a Google API or something, where only legal vendors can send out an NFC code or something that your App connects too. Thus, only legal vendors can confirm on the App that it is trustworthy and then you can confidently transfer cash

  12. Lazy*Lounge*Lizard says

    "f*ck yes ! no bullsh*t — " I love you guys 😀

  13. Ala Exploradora says

    Love the work you do!!

  14. Ala Exploradora says

    Thanks for your excellent work just came back from my vacation in Prague – back to NYC. Your channel gave me soo much great information. Had a wonderful time . And away from all these cheesy ass cheaters -Waaaaaaay too many crooks!!!! Good job!

  15. Danylo Kravchenko says

    Fuck no
    fuck yes ))

  16. sen says

    shit country
    shit people

  17. Kevin Schmidt says

    How do you walk the streets of Prague with balls that big? Please continue your world city videos

  18. Shpee says

    Whilst I highly appreciate the work you are doing, I am amazed (and horrified) that people actually fall into these traps. How stupid can people be. Either way, thank you for cleaning the streets of Prague.

  19. 小学生 says

    It's simple logic not to exchange money on the street….

  20. Random Peculiar Introvert says

    fack you camera

  21. Alex Vasilache says

    romani prosti

  22. Jesus Bucio says

    Dashie out here scamming people.

  23. Souvik Versatile says

    Great effort !which camera & other equipments do u use?

  24. Alv0iD says

    Hey found your video by randomly watching video on youtube (i have no idea how). And know i want to visit Prague at the same time, but don't want to at the same time. 😀

  25. Kristian Pervorfi says

    Big respect to u man!!!!!

  26. copy_sk says

    Som presvedčený, že "pracujú" aj dnes.. aj v tejto chvíli.

  27. Blaq Z says

    You know those hiv virus on the needle?

  28. Lolianggun William says

    May we have more ppl just like you to stand up for this scams

  29. Czech says

    Красава 👍🏼

  30. Hazardous Potato says

    You just earned a subscriber!😉

  31. Gamer Nick says


  32. sanataissick says

    I hate that someone needs to do this. It's the work of police and they know it's happening, they know the faces they know everything but they just don't do anything. I would like to beilieve it's just because lack of workforce/funding, but like we have seen before with the taxidrivers, the police are right there just driving around doing nothing and do nothing even after asking for them to do something. Kinda fucked up.

  33. Jesper Hansen says

    what i really don't understand is HOW the fuck people aren't sceptical about random dudes wanting to exchange money in the middle of the street

  34. zaky bara says

    pokemon collection expending 😂😂😂

  35. Shayan S.t says


  36. ProRallyDriver says

    Thatis awesome man! Keep doing that for your city and country…. kudos to you

  37. Tito Denino says

    I wish these videos were longer 😢

  38. Ash says

    Gotta catch em all 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 brilliant mate.

  39. IONUT says

    Why u Say with This romanians guys

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