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Scheduled Maintenance – Subway Savior Gives Tickets to Strangers!


Dean takes a break from the “DERAILED” desk and decides to make the subway a better place – by giving some tickets to some a**holes. Watch as Dean takes on manspreading, pole hogging, and more!

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Instagram: @derailedlatenight
Twitter: @deraileddean

  1. Gelukkige Gozer says

    Your channel was featured in a dutch national newspaper! Look at You're in the 4th column.

  2. Marie Stroman says

    "Where are your pants?" lolol

  3. 2mnyshp says

    That's what I call great charisma!!

  4. Aaron O says

    I love that Whiplash BGM

  5. Giu says

    The most underrated channel on youtube

  6. Lolr0 says

    This is gold

  7. jp1135 says

    Instant favorite YouTube channel. See you on tv one day, I'm sure.

  8. Wilson Solt says


  9. Uncle Jessy says


  10. Neo Rush says

    This is really great, thanks for the reddit post 🙂

  11. Dempazoid says

    im sorry guys… the video had 69 likes but i just had to like it .

  12. D O G E says

    This is actually really funny and entertaining to watch, 9.5/10 (only because video is not longer :P). I hope u guys have tens of milions of views one day soon

  13. Zachary Levi Wall says

    The intro from episode 3 should be the default on every episode imo. Keep it coming! Subbed.

  14. Sekuso Trez says

    This channel is sick.

  15. Artofficial says

    Most underappreciated channel, shit is lit – how'd you get Jayden Smith at the end

  16. Alam Anarchy says

    My new favourite channel! Absolutely love your vids!

  17. peter11612 says

    You need thumbnail consistency!!!!!

  18. peter11612 says

    CONGRATS on 10K!

  19. Mike Hawk says

    More please!

  20. Becca says

    Mmmm, maybe don't interrupt the dancers or performers. That felt a little rude and was kind of a bummer 🙁 everything else was funny!

  21. Marigrace says


  22. Rodel Trainz says

    Nice whiplash soundtrack

  23. Jes says

    Subsribed before this channel becomes huge. Huge I tell ya.

  24. enjoisk8a911 says

    Doing what none of us have the balls to do, subbed

  25. Tristan Tristan says

    Love your show and I will plug it like crazy

  26. Tristan Tristan says

    Please make this a weekly show

  27. Tristan Tristan says

    Please make this a monthly or bi monthly segment

  28. Jacob Bucko says

    This is my new favourite channel
    Not even joking

  29. Ilya S says

    haha so awesome

  30. Press Her Button says

    I love this, channels like this are the future of YouTube. Subscribed…

  31. He rr Gamer says

    Your channel is the single best thing that has happened to the Internet!

  32. Mithunan Gnanodayan says

    Whilpash Song!

  33. YewTewb T. says

    I hope you make this a series and that you don't get stabbed

  34. Hugh Janus says

    If there's no seats on a train just yell showtime and the cart will empty out

  35. Garreth G says

    This is amazing. Keep doing what you're doing guys

  36. QJ1993 says

    I would love to be a guest on this show who do I have to to email ?

  37. noobslayer135 says

    I think this is my new favorite channel

  38. Daniel J Waldon says

    So good!

  39. Juxted says

    This is so fucking funnt

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