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Scoop: President Donald Trump May Hold Round 2 With Kim Jong-un In NYC | MSNBC


Axios’ Nicholas Johnston joins First Look for Monday’s 1BigThing.
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Scoop: President Donald Trump May Hold Round 2 With Kim Jong-un In NYC | MSNBC

  1. QuirkFrame Industries says

    All this while a family member and a Trump supporter, says “he’s done more for this country than the last three presidents!” More to push it into isolation? More to destabilize us? More to move us into bed with North Korea and Russia? Sure. He’s done more. What a waste of our troops, our time, our money and our freedom.

  2. jc kalden says

    Now interestingly, is it necessary ?
    After all, will it be non-binding to the next US President ?

    Recall the Iran Nuclear deal ?

    So maybe just a mutual cordial relationship will sufficed ?


  3. Pat Gannon says

    Trump tower in Kim's nuclear cross hairs? How appropriate! No more art of the dotard.

  4. Elle Harris says

    Trump and Putin want to annex KJU's weapons!!!

  5. Uphold the Constitution says

    The shirt un is wearing says it all.

  6. Stella Bar says

    Why does he keep legitimatizing Kim Un ?

  7. athena icaria says

    The administration's proposed exit from the WTO, Trump's "FART" bill, will undoubtedly backfire.

  8. Sandy Ozuna says

    I love the pic of trump drowning. But its not real.

  9. MilesBellas says

    Stupid fake T shirt
    Stop mixing entertainment and news.

  10. heat cliff says

    Dude nuke em.

  11. The Blackcollar says

    With tp in power, UFO's won't be landing in the near future. lol….

  12. ThE DuCk says

    Kim Jong Un knows Trump is a fool and he's just playing him . US Intel aerial surveillance shows Kim has not stopped building nuclear weapons . Dictators are not your friends . Meanwhile Trump is destroying relationship's with our long time most trusted allies .

  13. Cal Ryan says

    While the Kim and Donald love fest continues in NY, NK continues its nuclear weapons development. Sounds like another victory for our beloved leader. Your choice.

  14. Dave Rees says

    Donnie's Primacy America can only deal with nations one at a time. Multilateral, multinational organizations are BAD and America Loses because theyt can all pick on us at once. No, it's not that multilaterals efficiently get a bunch of nations together at once to counter the economic might of China or the Expotitional Desires of Miri Putin, it's all just an opportunity for "friends' to rip America off. Much BETTER to have "friendly enemies," like Kim, Putin & Xi. This is Donnie's Vision…? yikes

  15. Ali Kiwifruit says

    Kim and Putin are snakes playing with the dumb Trump rat.

  16. pony plushies says

    Yes walk into the spiders web then bam We can charge him with humanitarian crimes

  17. Pluto Nium says

    Another meeting with Kim? Why? Because the first one worked so well? What's Trump planing to give away now without getting anything in return again?

  18. JustAGentleman says

    Fantastic news, further breakthroughs bringing N. Korea closer towards denuclearization would be the best event for furthering world peace since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trump will win a Nobel Prize in the near future. I'll be waiting on 5th Avenue when Jong Un is in town. I hope he tours New York like he did Singapore.

  19. Blakkhawks says

    More poop than scoop.

  20. Yara Ahla says

    Oh Trump and Kim are going to have a second date…

  21. TOPNotch GamingSquad says

    Let's just be peaceful and pray together people 😃

  22. wandering spirit says

    Democrats continue to self implode as Trump's success on the NOKO NUKE deal comes together one step at a time.
    Has KIm Jong Un threatened the USA recently? NOPE. Has he test fired any rockets in the last seven months? NOPE.
    Has he already destroyed one NUKE facility. YES. So far,so good. Progress is being made and we are headed in the
    right direction towards peace.

  23. Charles Farmer says

    If this was kim Obama meeting, Obama would be hailed as a miracle worker! The Democrats would be bowing to Obama and calling him a God!

  24. Mark Martin says

    KIM played trump like a violin. Trump wants to go back so he can pull Kim's pud…..

  25. Roger Frisco says

    I see that a lot of MSNBC people made the #Qanon list of TRAITERS. Along with the rest of the lier's in the fake news. #Walk away.

  26. SXI96 says

    Trump is desperate to do something before midterms to feed his base some red meat

  27. Scott InPhilly says

    The Muslim ban includes No Korea. How can Kim Jong Un come here? DOH?

  28. Nikola Bijeliti says

    Suppose you wanted to destroy a nation. How might you go about it?
    Well, for starters, you could flood their lands with millions of people of another race.
    Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left.
    Then you could call anyone "racist" who objected to any of this, and get them fired from their jobs.
    Have you noticed something? This is exactly what is happening to White people in White countries right now.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  29. Nel Turner says


  30. grace sue says

    Trump Kim summit in Singapore was actually a good time of get away for both presidents…..apart from that it was a diamond opportunity for global publicity and exposure with a fake peace deal at the heavy expense of the host country using their unhappy citizens taxpayers $ !

  31. Silly Green Fairy says

    is this real life? i feel like we are in a seth rogan movie

  32. UkyiVids says

    Nobel Peeeeeeace Prize!

  33. Thebeautiful11 says

    Who would believe Kim would fly this far?

  34. T. Shrine says

    Yep MSNBC proud home of lesbian Rachel Maddow and intern murderer J. Scarborough, listen to the wisdom they are spreading now!

  35. Andrew Sinclair says


  36. mike Languein says

    "Welcome to America, Kimmy. Some day all this will be yours."

  37. Dimitri Vincheov says

    hopefully September never gets here…sick of this limbo

  38. Don't Bet on It says

    Great now Trump can get played right in his own home town.

  39. Timur Mazitov says

    Trump will try to assasinate Kim.

  40. Jon Dunmore says

    3:45 — Meralgia complying with the conditions of her contract:
    Item 5, sub-clause 10: "Occasionally, you will be required to hold hands with your contracted American spouse in public, to simulate the artifice of a happily-married couple. Should you refuse to hold hands more than 50% of the time, apart from the reasons of a) holding a child, b) holding items purchased at haute couture stores, c) holding a covering during inclement weather, see Item 7: "Dereliction Of Duties."

  41. Internet Marketing Maps says

    Nicholas Johnston, stand in for Herman Munster, is the FAKE news spokesperson for AXIOS (whatever that is) offers his opinions and wild speculations.

  42. T & S Channel says

    All about Trump, nothing about America. Trump wants huge entertainment. Both are having fun.

  43. China Expat says

    WTO allows China to steal the tech of other countries' companies, allows them to ban foreign companies to promote their domestic companies, allows China to outright counterfeit foreign goods, and charge higher tariffs and other markups on foreign goods (even foreign goods made in China) so should America be apart of an organization that is unfair?

  44. Angelo Kournianos says

    Give him a rocket man t shirt

  45. I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me says

    …So it will be for real this time, for both him and Trump. Yes I know Trump has been there already, but together? A dynamic duo!

  46. Isaiah Devlin says

    Yay communism

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