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Seeing Niall in Amsterdam, Brussels and Bologna || theSimonelife


That was the end of all my shows! I had an amazing time and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do all of these things.

Here are all the links I talked about in the video:
Meeting Niall:
Seeing Harry in Paris, Cologne, London and Amsterdam:
Seeing Harry in Basel, Amsterdam and Antwerp:
Seeing Harry in Oberhausen, Hamburg and Mannheim:

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A little story about me if you’re interested in who I am:

Hi My name is Simone, I’m 18 years old and this is my YouTube channel. I already apoligize for being a little weird sometimes and I’m also very sorry for my accent and my mistakes in grammar, since I’m from The Netherlands. I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for so long but now I finally have the confidence to actually do it. My hobbies are travelling, concerts, premieres and just London in general, so you’ll see a lot of vlogs where I’m in London with my sister. I’m currently studying Nutrition and Dietetics so if you’re interested in health let me know so I can maybe make a video about it at sometime. If you’d like to get me know me a bit better just scroll down and follow me on my other social media, where I’d love to talk to you. You can also watch my other videos that I’ve already uploaded which I’ve listed down below if you’re interested in that.

My other social media accounts are:
– Snapchat: simonexdriessen
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– Twitter: simoneskiwi

  1. Esther Pangilinan says

    Thank you for sharing💜☺️🎉

  2. Angelina Buller says

    You made me realize I should change my life style and go to more concerts too 😂😍 I saw Niall too, he‘s an angel ❤️

  3. Anna Nikkol says

    Feels like I lived through this tour with you. 🙂 It was really great! I am so happy for ya Simone! I really hope that Louis will have a tour and I can save up enough money and see him! And wish to meet you also there! So yeah, waiting for new adventures! xx

  4. Julie DUTRONQUAY says

    your concerts vlog gonna miss me!!

  5. Mariee Lo says

    Awwww Harry in a concert of Niall, my Narry heart ❤ love the energy in this.

  6. Luka St. says

    I think I recognized a little bit of my hometown in your video (that grey wall in helmond you filmed while in the train before the shot that are at eindhoven central lol), love your video as always ❤️❤️

  7. Gracie Mitchell says

    There's me trying to get 1 ticket and can't 😂😂 u lucky girl ❤❤

  8. Pam Harry says

    It's so funny to see myself in your video haha 😂❤ It was so nice to meet you ❤

  9. Lucca Vanhoutte says

    Love this video❤👌😍

  10. musicmakerchick19 says

    Your vids energize me!

  11. juuliana .15 says


  12. Maike says

    Btw your mum is so cute 💕

  13. Amber Vlogs says

    You should do more vlogs these are so fun to watch

  14. Esmée Heiliegers says

    “Had too much wijntjes” HAHAHA, wel weer een super leuke vlog ❤️

  15. Directioner VLOG says

    Joelle seems to be so nice and funny xo

  16. Sarah Whitehead says

    aww your mom is so sweet

  17. LarryxZarry says

    I love your mom she's so cool

  18. Olivia Louche says

    Omg I was at the sow in Brussels, and I saw you hahaha, I remember you were singing The Chain, and I was singing it too hahaha, it's just so funny because I saw you

  19. Eileen Denise says

    You and your mom. That is the most cute thing

  20. miss unknown says

    Did he just sing Selena's song in his concert???

  21. simha pirosa says

    To see how you smile makes me sooo Happy

  22. nelenico1069 says

    Your English is so so good Simone. Love to watch your vlogs. Looks like you had an amazing time with your friends 🙂

  23. Arianna Surajpaul says

    Loving your vlogs 🤗❤️

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