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Several Dead After Vehicle Drives on Bike Path


New York City police say there are “several fatalities and numerous people injured” after a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path and struck several people, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing something that appeared to be a gun. (Oct. 31)

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  1. HitMeQuick says

    Thank God you have a President with a cool head and bucket loads of compassion for times like this.

  2. Matthew Morgan says

    This could have been prevented if cars were banned. (Anti Gun thinking)

  3. James Murphy says

    Fake NEWS outlet.

  4. Charles Baylor says

    Trump not keeping Americans safe again.

    Fuck Him

  5. Jason Shipley says

    My god that’s bad and heartbreaking! Possible terrorism?

  6. ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ says

    I will not stop until every car is banned. Automotive industry lobbying in Congress, obviously.

  7. Cumar Abubaker says

    yeah that's good don't you see what is going on somalia

  8. Rebeca Tombers says

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  9. Avon Barksdale says

    "Hey where is all the smartphone footage, and pictures of the dead"
    Don't worry about it, it really happened

    enough of this fear porn BS

  10. RhodieFreedomCamp says

    Wow they've milked the emotional BULLSHIT public statement – NOT ONE FACT – F.A.C.T. – IN THE public STATEMENT. Within HOURS they "know" it was a terrorist attack (but do not prove it), yet in the hours before they didn't. Hmmmm Always ask – CUI BONO …WHO BENEFITS. We KNOW the government lies DAILY. THE JFK FILES PROVE IT. Don't believe mainstream media or government.


  11. Mark Wilson says

    I used to do that in the game Grand Theft Auto.

  12. Fun Factor H.O.T says

    Cops are corrupt and sadistic. Cops are the real terrorists. I might also mention that cops are the only ones in New York who can even have guns legally

  13. Stacy Mack says

    and this scum got here on a 'diversity visa'…WTF?

  14. Krusty 2.0 says

    Fake gun, fake attack, fake world. Send in the goon squad!!!!


    Deleted my troll statement. Didn't realize it was a terror attack. Apologies to all.

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