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Shanghai-NY flight dumps 30 tons of fuel after passenger falls ill


China Eastern Airlines’ flight 587, en route from Shanghai to New York, made an emergency landing at Anchorage airport in Alaska on Friday.

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  1. Toai Guong Jin says

    Why have to dumb gas, how, translated very accent hard to understand.

  2. Toai Guong Jin says

    It does explain clearly why.

  3. Δημητριος Σ says

    Life comes first….Good job to the crew…

  4. Terance Wapasuce says

    the road might rip up and cause a crash. but good job we won't have this problem in the future but it's nice to know there are people across the world that care.

  5. Ginga Tetsudō Surī Nain says

    30 tons for 1 life… eh… i don't know if that's a fair trade. Probably just killed millions of wildlife with that fuel

  6. havfaith S. says

    How many will get sick from the gas dump?

  7. lucky me says

    This happens a lot. Just not many airlines advertise openly

  8. Matrix says

    Jets don't run on gasoline.

  9. Bingku Xyavong says

    That women shouldn't of been on that plane the first place then things would of been fine.

  10. Felix A says

    do they dump it in the ocean or burn it

  11. Chickin Wing says

    If she was fine to leave the hospital then she is fine to pay for that 30 tons of jet fuel. If she seriously had a medical condition then she shouldn't have flown, if she didn't have a serious medical condition then the flight wouldn't have needed to land. If she was in such bad of shape then the hospital wouldn't have discharged her right away and she wouldn't have been able to carry on. Which leads me to believe that she had an anxiety attack and wasted upwards of a millions dollars.

  12. cocodog85 says

    an old lady's anxiety attack just cost the airline around 15000$

  13. Greg Caesar says

    Why the hell is this news? This is common procedure.

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