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  1. RE Ohtz says

    I like your music and especially your captions. Excellent video!

  2. planedudea380 says

    Where's the cocoa powder move? lol

  3. FlyCruise Singapore says

    Great review Loris!

  4. Bennet Fan says

    12hour and 26 minutes is short.I've always on longer flight than thus

  5. Liongamer 123 says

    Richtige Gläser beim Frühstück oder irre ich mich 🤔🤔🤔?

  6. Fabian L. says

    You could always get a trolley to push your carry-on around. 😀

  7. Fabian L. says

    4:47. Oh dear, I believe I've had that same meal in Business Class for breakfast a couple of years back…

  8. Simon Gjems says

    can you do a cathay pacific economy class video from zhr to hkg? i flew the south one and in my opinion it was the best economy class out off all the long haul carriers.

  9. Mancho Manchef says


  10. Flyspotter19 says

    Fantastic as always!

  11. Bernd Klüver says

    SIA best airline worldwide. Best by far.

  12. Karl P says

    Ah, Singapore girls, what a great way to fly.

  13. Yossef Harel says

    Hi, great review! THX 😉 I've been curious for a long time to know what carry on luggage you're using. Thanks 🙂

  14. Rui En Koh says

    Haha, I totally understand that it is hard to pull but because carpets absorb sound better so I guess I rather have a difficult time pulling my luggage than listening to all the noises of lugagge rolling against the floor

  15. aukahkay says

    As a Singaporean, I am delighted that you enjoyed flying on Singapore Airlines. Do fly on SQ’a business class and suites on your future trips to Singapore. ✈️

  16. Marthijn 747 says

    Was the flight busy?

  17. Winston Man says

    Nice vid!!!

  18. zakelwe says

    That was so dark in the cabin you could do more than snooze 😉

    Not with the FAs of course. Cough

  19. TakeMeThere says

    So happy to hear you had a good flight with SQ! Wishing you safe and happy travels 🙂

  20. The Jetstreamer Travel Reports says

    No proper outside views? You could have at least asked to put your GoPro on the wing next to the lights 😀. Oh and btw, you didn’t throw your passport this time :D. Was ist los, 😆?


    Hmm that red liquid i think it’s an aviation glue based on Air Crash Investigation show

  22. Loris H says

    Tolles Review! Gerne noch ein Vergleichsreview aus der Swiss 777, Zürich – Singapur :)))

  23. claus stimpfig says

    ja das essen hier scheint gut zu sein, obwohl ich natürlich europäische variante gewählt hätte und sekt!!!!
    SQ ist definitiv das beste am Flugzeughimmel. Da kommt nicht mal die Swiss mit…

  24. Pelly Smith says

    My eyes were all over those yummy meals you got served, not on what you couldn't see outside your window. Another great report!

  25. Félix Maltchinski says

    The aircraft had the old cabin.

  26. jonybeam says

    The double glass windows as you put it are simply to create the false illusion that the windows are much larger than they actually are where as the reality is that they are actually relatively quite small!I think they are roughly about the same sort of size as those on an A320!

  27. Bruno H says

    SQ is my favorite airline. I am flying with them since the mid 80's and the customer service of their FA's has constantly been on an very high level.

  28. Luke Askeland says

    i just got home from a flight 1hr and 20 mins ago

  29. Chase M says

    That’s a long flight in economy

  30. njmrt5tttttttttttttt says

    Carpet flooring reduce noise. I like quiet airport for transit flight.

  31. Frank Ashenhurst says

    Wow, can't explain how surprised I am with this upload, traveling with Singapore Airlines to Greece and wanted to check this product out as we stop in Zurich. Nice up to date!

  32. am1966ath says

    I have experienced that…on SIA BACK I 1986……….

  33. DerParadonym says

    Amenity, and snacks in economy… okay…

  34. loeridr6792 says

    Another great review. May I ask what neck pillow you use? Im in the market for a new one and yours looks comfortable.

  35. sampath hapuarachchi says

    The red colour liquid is the fluorescent

  36. nashmalish says

    Very fast 😀

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