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Всем привет! I’m Maria, Emirates Cabin Crew for more than 7 years.🛫🛬✨ Flying is my passion ✨ I work in First Class Cabin✨And I live in Dubai✨🌸

Я работаю стюардессой в Дубаи, снимаю Влоги и занимаюсь брендом украшений ZÓLDI !
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  1. H.S Ryu says

    Welcome to Korea!

  2. big guitar says

    you been missing for 3 weeks, where have you been?

  3. 베이비슈 says

    Welcome to Seoul! My dream is becoming Emirates cabin crew 🙂 Cindy from korea x

  4. Faraz Khan says

    You are so cute

  5. tenzin lhakey says


  6. Alejandro Sabarre lll says

    Finally after 3 weeks. 💕❤️

  7. Goossens Maud says

    I found your voice so calming to listen to. Do you see Dubai as your home or do you ever wanna move back to Russia to your family?

  8. Moon Shine says

    O .. He is eating WAI WAI .. the veg green one … hehe 😂 .. I would love to work with u all… Safe journey,Maria…. U got a lot of subs now… 😍

  9. itaf sd says

  10. alexandra blendea says

    I hope you liked it, and when you go there again, you will vlog more 😊
    I love korea… and you 😄

  11. Alex Varela says

    I admire your commitment to your channel..

  12. juandenz2008 says

    Nice vlog ! Seoul is a very bustling place, with a lot of nice shops, restaurants etc. I visited there once, but not recently. I hope to go there again sometime. The Indian guy has a nice gimbal setup. I wonder if he has his own channel ?

  13. Victoria Oleynik-Dzyadik says

    привет! рада снова видеть тебя!

  14. Chandra Syamsurizal says

    The kimchi taste is sour, sweet and spicy i didn't try in Korea but i have try in my place and the taste is too spicy. The station you shoot is the place of train in busan where taken i think..

    Have a nice day in Korea.

  15. Sooyoung Min says

    Wow! You can get a lot of beauty items here! Enjoy your trip in Korea and we are waiting for another video:^)

  16. robert friesen says

    Wonderful vlog Maria, I’m looking forward to my trip to Korea with my daughter in May
    By the way 1000 won equals around 1 US dollar

  17. Ka Gala says

    I have a new found admiration for people like you who master layovers. I’m going to the Caribbean, and kind of wanted to do a long 24-hr layover in NYC or Miami, but I didn’t know where to begin. I’m scared of getting lost and missing my flight 😁 Idk how many hours before a flight takes off, I should be back at the airport.

  18. nickcef says

    Hey Maria, you should have bought the NYC hat!!! LOL! Then when you come to JFK, you can wear a special NYC hat from Seoul;)) Cool, right??;))

  19. Hyobin Chung says

    OMG I luv your outfit !!!! I would have screamed if I was lucky enough to run into you on the street !!!! How do you like Korea??

  20. Кристина Грос says

    А на русском не было(😖😖

  21. Alyssa Marie says

    Omg this vlog was 12 mins but felt 5 only💕💕 I love koreA and hoping to go there one day

  22. sejin ji says

    omg i have never left any comments, but i’m so glad that you visited Korea(i’m korean:-)) you are my role model❤️ i hope i can meet you at emirates🙏

  23. Blau Bär says

    As a former flight attendant with Lufthansa I made countless trips to Seoul. Due to the longer flight and 8 hrs. time difference our layover was 48 hrs.
    It's one of the most amazing cities in the world and definitely worth to spend a few days to explore much more than you could do in just 24 hrs.
    Another interesting part of Seoul is Yongsan. Especially if you are interested in buying technical and computer gadgets. And there are many restaurants as well. I hope you will enjoy future layovers in ICN.
    Always happy landings!

  24. Nathalie Nurse says

    A long wait for this video, but I loved it. Would like to go to Korea just to check out all their beauty journey home. Пака 🤗🇨🇦

  25. Омирсеитова Карина says

    Спасибо вам большое за это видео, я как раз на днях туда еду🤗

  26. Полина Каминова says

    Nice vlog!))

  27. Anna Costa Brava says

    Omg without eyeliner😅

  28. Leonard Carr says

    You can eat spicy,I saw you eat laksa,many Easterners don't like,not used to spicy hot.

  29. Snejana P&M says

    Мария обожают вас!

  30. katirina popjoy says

    Hi Maria…how are you??

  31. 실꿈 says

    Oh!! Korea!! Hello~~ I am korean😀 And I want to be a flight attendant in Emirates😃

  32. Prasobh Np says

    Nice vlog ,I really enjoyed it

  33. Jamila Hadade says

    Thanks for touring me thru Korea's capital. I always enjoy ur videos u always add a bit of spice to them! Hope to keep seeing more great videos from you. Stay well, lots of hugs from New York City! 🙏🙏💚💖💝💝💕💙💛💜💞💗🐶🐕🐺🐩

  34. Ramon Alonso says

    Hi Maria! Love your Vlogs! When are you going to make one here in Manila? 🙂

  35. baraah al-nabtiti says

    You are so lovely I am looking forward to be a cabin crew when grown-up 😍😉😉😉😀

  36. Даша Хандогина says

    А как же русские субтитры?(((((((

  37. Aaliyah Varma says

    How much money do they give u for international travel?
    I love ur videos 💓

  38. 효도리 says

    앗 서울에 오셨었구나 ㅎㅎㅎ

  39. yujin kim says

    Omg!! Hello from Korea! I've been waiting for you to visit here! Hope you loved here and come back anytime soon~😄😄❤

  40. Tory Dav says

    Когда на русском?)Сними, пожалуйста, видео о том,как ты стала стюардессой,как выучила язык,какое образование нужно было?✨✨✨ Спасибо заранее 💟💟💟Мечтаю быть стюардессой,учу английский)

  41. John User says

    @skyflygirl ha ha 🤣 your so gorgeous and its always lovely to see your beautiful blue eyes and your youthful enthusiasm.
    You look so cute in your smart jacket.

    See you again in your next vlog.

    Big ** pangga** to you Marie.

    Bye for now.

  42. rama yadav says

    Hey maria..when you geting married?❤️ Love from india

  43. Lyulya Kebab says

    люблю Ваши видео! скажите,пожалуйста,Вы такая стройная прям загляденье! это результат долгих тренировок или гены?

  44. Opalista says

    Hi Maria😊, I want to apply for Emirates cabin crew and I've got a question
    – Would they hire me if I have the arm reach of 212cm even if my height is less that 160cm?

  45. 임영환 says

    wellcome to korea

  46. Lilly s says

    I like it 👍

  47. Гулнази Сабырова says

    Привет сколько городов уже вашем списке?

  48. Skyworth Saddam says

    Hellooooooo Maria. Great to see your vlog. You look really nice with that cap. 😍

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