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Soldiers Burn Houses And Destroy Farms In Southern-Cameroon While Biya Celebrates 85th Birthday



Soldiers in Cameroon are chasing English speakers from their homes as Paul Biya celebrates his 85th birthday

  1. planetowoh says

    Where's the UN?

  2. secret TV says

    Nigeria military is not exceptional. Same shithead militaries

  3. Fotso Alex says

    Fuck you

  4. Fotso Alex says

    Who are you to condemn


    That man is hardless Paul biya is wicked ,

  6. Fred Mack says


  7. Samiam says


  8. Berlindeutschland says

    Keep it up Adeola. Expose the cruelty of cameroon military. Please display the cruel pictures of this crisis.

  9. Lord of Lords says

    Oh ! Dear adeola how i wish you could strongly condem president buhari of Nigeria, for the way he killed the innocent BIAFRANS.

  10. FORCHA GLEN says

    Adeola, love your videos, you are doing a great Job as a free journalist

  11. Osamudiamen O.J kelvin says

    What is the African Union doing about this…

  12. Henry Tudor says

    Africa is a shithole. End of story.

  13. Anna Cam says

    Thank u sis for this great job please shout it loud for the world to know

  14. Mundie Bernard says

    Thanks for raising awareness as well in ur platform

  15. Sonny Higham says

    This is a purge, by the Western forces especially France. Biya is a puppet and they are using him to kill our fellow Africans in Cameroon

  16. Nakita K 2 says

    The rebels were the first to killed soldier its truth. Independence yes but through violence No!!

  17. Nakita K 2 says

    You know Adeola the funny thing is that with all the years this guy has been in Power I think he has done well than all your military rulers and your generals turn to socalled politicians. This guy was able to bring stable electricity and pipe born water to Cameroon something you guys dont have in 2018 can you imagine? With all your oil and your billions and fake politicians with big mouths electricity is luxury in Nigeria when its abundance in Cameroon and a small country like Togo. Almost all the villages in Cameroon are electrified when her neighbour Nigeria still lives in darkness chaaaa!!!!

  18. Better Days says

    He's the worst president in the continent

  19. Frederic Mulika says

    Southern Cameroon people are peace loving who afraid of fighting a war.

  20. Tertullian Tertulian says

    Hey Paul Biya,… you heartless dinosaur. You embarrass the whole continent of Africa. You're old and yet still clinging to power. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. And you soldiers, why do you have to obey this old heartless man? Why are you persecuting your own people, just to please an old dictator? Why? What's wrong with you Cameroonian soldiers? Any leader that sends the national army to attack his own citizens is not worth of respect. When is Africa going to wake up and stop this barbaric, primitive behavior? Stop it. All you solders stop it. You have no mercy or shame attacking defenseless women and children? Stop it.

  21. FORCHA GLEN says

    Adeola, the problem is more complicated than what the outside word knows

  22. FORCHA GLEN says

    Adeola, the problem is more complicated than what the outside word knows

  23. Selina S. says

    Wow this is very sad. How can people not find peace in their own homes? This is beyond wrong

  24. Selina S. says

    Ugh please God make all this foolishness STOP for once 😞😞

  25. George NM says

    On Thursday May 17, the US Ambassador in Cameroon had a meeing with Paul Biya. After the meeting, the US Embassy released a statement. I attach the statement below. You can read it for yourself. Besically, the USA is requesting that Biya investigates the tortures and burning of villages. Also, the USA is asking Biya to hold dialogue without precondition. Lastly, the USA asking Biya to consider his legacy and how he would like to be remembered …like Nelson Mandela and George Washington. Basically, diplomatic language for Biya not to run again.

    The press release is on the website of the US Embassy in Yaounde.

  26. George NM says

    The frail and incompetent President Buhari of Nigeria took protesters who are asylum seekers and handed them to this brutal and evil dictator, Paul Biya, to be massacred.

  27. Fafa says

    This is so sad

  28. TEDx Africa says

    Hello Adeola Fayehun.

  29. Lydia Tifuh says

    I wish he dies and rots in hell. Evil man.

  30. Jesse kolld says

    And yet we are mad when someone calls us shi…..! These are things we all should be mad at and put our acts together 😭😭😭😭

  31. Alfred Christopher says

    Hypocrisy. If this is Biafra you will make video to insult them. Have you make a video to expose hausa fulani terrorist herdsman. Shame on you yoruba coward. Biafra must go southern Cameron must go.

  32. ogodede collins says

    Adeola what is different between what is going on in southern Cameroon and Biafra land?
    What about python dance in Biafra, hypocrisy.

  33. NEBEOLISE Chikeluba says

    pls when is the transmission going to happen here

  34. George NM says

    This is the link to the press release that the US Ambassador in Cameroon released on Thursday, 17 May 2018, after discussion with Paul Biya.

    Press Release specific on talks between US Ambassador and Paul Biya:

    General press release statements. There you will find other statements related to the Anglophone issue.

  35. George NM says

    People in the forum are asking if the UN will help. Sorry. The current UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres is the worst in history. He is known for flying around the globe having fine dinner under the pretense of having meetings. All he talks about is his dinners and wines, nothing else. If you doubt these, then Google these statements. You will see him receiving his golden (yes, golden) statue from Paul Biya. The UN Secretary General is visibly corrupt and incompetent. These are pure wastage is why UN is threatening to cut off all funding. The UN seems to be where washed-out European politicians go to build up their bank accounts and pension.

    The UN's Antonio Guterres came to Cameroon, received a golden statue from Paul Biya and has been silent ever since. Paul Biya is corrupt and he knows how to bribe and corrupt all these bureaucrats in the UN and African Union (AU). These guys are there to line their pockets.

    Antonio Guterres twitter contact is @AntonioGuterres. Contact him and the UN (@UN) to tell them how you feel.

  36. 237 Diaspora says

    none sens girl how did the secessionist pay you to turn this video?

  37. 237 Diaspora says

    this girl is not telling all the truth many weapons discovered in the burned houses. somes forign mercenaries in the territory. I love you videos girls but you have to stop alimenting hate betwen us. God bless you all

  38. Kango Ojam says

    The transmissions of the confusion is too much in Cameroon. God help Cameroon

  39. Wisano Wisano says

    Does it mean that the world is not aware of this atrocities to the English Cameroonians

  40. oceej0 says

    You can't really fault northern Cameroon, the same thing happens in Nigeria. When one region is burning the others turn their backs, the list includes the north east, south west, south east, central Nigeria and south south. In fact the peoples of much of northern and western Cameroon where at one time 'Nigerians'.

  41. Phronesis Rhema Bliss says

    Adeola, I love you videos. I have follow you from keeping it real till now and have always loved what you do. However, sometimes you have to do a more balanced report. I must admit that the military has been very unprofessional in handling the crisis in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon. Many times the military has responded violently towards the ordinary civilian every time one of them is killed. No one can deny the unruly behavior of some in the military, the police and gendarmes. However, it would be a bias report to attribute the burning of homes and destruction of property to the military only. I live this situation and there is a group or groups of individuals who have and are doing just the same and in some cases worse. They have burnt businesses, homes, schools, destroyed cars, killed and threaten, even with death anyone who doesn't take to their orders of shutting down businesses and schools particularly. They have beaten, kidnaped, killed many and have equally intimidated and beaten students, pupils, teachers and anyone who insist on the reopening of schools. In fact for the past two years, they have grounded schools in these two regions, not wanting anyone to be found in schools particularly school teachers. Anyone who doesn't agree with their idea of change is a target. They have beheaded some military men, and so much more.
    The point is making a balance in the report. I am no pro-Biya or pro-government. Thank you.

  42. christabel fenibo says

    I thought nigeria was sooo bad until i saw this😯😯. May God help them😢😢.this man would rot in hell.

  43. AmBazoBreakingNews says
  44. AmBazoBreakingNews says
  45. 237 Diaspora says

    burning a house is better than cutting the heads of people as the secessionists do

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