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Solutions to America’s Workforce Crisis


This What Works Media Project documentary by award-winning filmmakers Kristi Jacobson and Mikaela Beardsley follows the lives of three young people as they prepare for a rapidly changing jobs market, and highlights the promise of evidence-based workforce development programs to help them succeed.

At at time when millions of American jobs are at risk due to automation and globalization, the film asks: Could our nation’s leaders meet this challenge by investing in proven models that help connect workers to the jobs of today and tomorrow?

Learn more about Results for America’s What Works Media Project here:

  1. Lori Caliman says

    I am so proud to work for Per Scholas!

  2. Joel Vrobel says

    How did I just figure this out
    How could anyone not want this. It's beautiful

  3. Bibhakar Kumar says

    New skills for America is just fucking and sucking and receiving universal basic income

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