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South Korea Drone


Collaborative video with Majestic Flight –

Imagine Dragons – Thunder

0:06- 부산 광안대교- busan gwangandaegyo
0:09- 부산 마린시티 Busan marine city
0:29- 서울 롯데타워, 한강, 올림픽대로 seoul lotte tower, han river, Olympic daero highway
0:42- ??? 인천 송도 센트럴파크 2차 incheon songdo central park ii???
0:49- 부산 거제도 거가대교 busan geoje fixed link
0:56- 소매물도 근처 이름 없는 섬, unnamed island near somaemuldo
1:02- Hongdae, Seoul
1:07- Incheon
1:17-서울 남산 서울타워 seoul namsan seoul tower
1:25- 서울 한화빌딩 seoul hanwha building
1:34- Hongdae, Seoul
1:40- 거제 소매물도 geoje somaemuldo
1:49- 거제 해금강 geoje haegeumgang
2:02- 거제도 geojedo
2:06- 서울 마포대교 seoul mapo bridge
2:14- Incheon
2:19- 서울 홍대 seoul hongdae
2:28- 서울 강변북로 seoul gangbyeonbukro highway
2:35- Hongdae, Seoul
2:40- Incheon
2:46- 서울 롯데타워 seoul lotte tower
2:53- 서울 한화빌딩 seoul hanwha building

  1. ManchesterDrone says

    Wow amazing well done 👍

  2. Kevin Boyle says

    Wow great edit! The Bomb 🙂

  3. Kardoso says

    Beautiful footage! Nice work

  4. Yeon Yeon says

    GOOD JOB~ One of the most beautiful countries in the world~

  5. e1darie1 says

    1:44 water is glitching 🙂 Awesome flight!

  6. Majestic Flights says

    What a masterpiece, best film I’ve seen of Korea!! Killer video and editing, and the song fits perfect!! 👍👍

  7. Edward Kulinski says

    Beautiful shots👍👍👍

  8. Yonghing says

    great shots! what drone did you use there?

  9. Artur Malinowski says


  10. Rick Deardorff says

    Beautiful video great job by Noel Thomas again

  11. Amazing Knight says

    Beautiful work on this!

  12. MR2DSP says

    WOW Awsome J

  13. Неоандерталец Австралийский says


  14. Mr Scrooge-Kraut says

    Top-notch footage, makes me wanna go ;o)

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