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STAR WARS ASIAN RACISM and other news… // Fung Bros


Let me know what you guys think about this format. It seems like a good way to quickly talk about a lot of news headlines.

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  1. MrMooPow says

    New segment. "Hang Time". What you think?

  2. John Smith says

    So Anthony Bourdain gets a lot of respect, even though he is racist towards whites, but racism by Star Wars fans against Asians is unacceptable? Double standard much? Yeah, I know who butters your bread Andrew. I always knew any kind of loyalty of Asians to whites was doubtful.

  3. luvpinkhellokitty says

    Awesome Asian News!! Keep on doing this!!!

  4. S Kirki says

    Started following lives of blacks in Asia, to my surprise racist whites were more humane.
    How hafus treated like shit especially blasians, makes me apprehensive about Asian (mainland Chinese) colonisation of Africa.
    Hell Hines ward went through, and many more..

    Western Asians should wise up and quit waiting for white daddy to give them a pat on the back.

    Make all types of content and reach out to global audiences. Asia and us naive Africans will support.

    Target and educate mainland cousins of yours, cos their uncouth ways will just make ppl turns against you all.

    You should be the ones interacting with rest of the world (got more exposure and tact- I hope) let them just be money bags.

    If not, more anti Asian sentiment will spread from Europe to Africa and beyond.

  5. ghost says

    since when asian, especially the male group, is NOT discriminated against ? they face discrimination, racism and hate every day. The racism toward Asians is silent, subtile and vicious.

  6. tim rizky says

    Rose tico is a terrible character, i’m asian

  7. John Hill says

    Ironically today i was telling my white girlfriend "You have this auro of leader, and I don't" I think I was just implying that people recognize her as a leader in this country more than they recognize people like me as a leader.

  8. steve boy says

    what about rascism against native american

  9. Audrey Martin says

    When other races of people stand up and fright for there rights as Black Americans of African descent have than you will see more change…Black people have fought so long and others races have benefited in America if you want to win every race has to fright together….in the media all you here about is the bad about African Americans people ….if as if the news doesn’t know about any other races only bad blacks …The African American female is the most Educated in America. We used to live in the United States of America……now we live in United States of corporate America they like people in debt….I like the star wars movie I enjoyed it and all the characters…..Asian have to be more open old time ignorants is not excepted every where anymore so get woke be free as you can.

  10. Allen Tsai says

    There's Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Jensen Huang of Nvidia, and Lisa Su of AMD to name a few.

  11. Annie says

    Dude, this video was great. I really appreciate your content!

  12. Will Chen says

    bro. you should be in Mulan. You look like one of the faces of Terracotta warriors.

  13. Millennial Journey says

    I like this new section. Regarding Asian Leadership, I think our culture rewards being integrated into a group/ community. I can remenber my parents telling my why I was behaving like that, just be a regular kid.

  14. 디 트렐DetrellTV says

    we BARLEY have brown people in star wars also

  15. kys says

    Why does Hollywood need to represent every race, when the leaders are white

  16. 디 트렐DetrellTV says

    Do you speak a Asian language because I'm learning Korean and mardian Chinese. Japanese is WAYYY too difficult for me so I'm going to wait until college and Asian and Mexican food is my favorite.

  17. 디 트렐DetrellTV says

    All I want to know. …..WHERE IS MY LIVE ACTION NARUTO WITH ASIAN CAST AT??!!!! Please don't pull another DBZ

  18. bao kkao says

    I am lost! U talk to much!

  19. Shaun Stewart says

    Yo it's cool how you touched up on a whole bunch of problems us asians face, and this video alone changes some minds and slightly brings representation for us asians.

  20. Plumblossum says

    Current Fung, Fung News, Fung Thoughts. Frankly Fung, To Fung about it. Yes I am corny but I hope you at least like my play on words.

  21. JR Boyd says

    I dunno man, but east asians look pretty well-represented in mainstream media. When are we, jungle asians, gonna get our turn.

  22. Ben Tokyo says

    Oceans 8 sucked

  23. twistedblktrekie says

    I'm confused about the situation that happened with the model because he clearly looks blasian — especially if you go to his Ig.

  24. ドール ロニーIchi Anime Worx Studio says

    Wait! Bruce Lee was Asian. I just thought he was a Martial Arts God!

  25. Lori Ann White says

    Stop with that basketball shot noise. But good points being made.

  26. ladyliver says

    Love this, I hope you put out more of these!

  27. inotaishu1 says

    If that statement about an "oriental in a white man's world" would still be true, K-Pop and BL dramas and tons of other stuff from East and Southeast Asia wouldn't have any fans in Europe, Australia and the Americas. And as for Tran, I haven't come across a single person who had problems with her looks, they had problems with the character she played.

  28. Malkijah Rashad says

    Asians are on crossroad in America. One group of Asians want to stay strong to their respected culture and the their are taking a more progressive step to simulate into American culture. The reason racism exist is because we keep telling people that we are different and wanted to be treated differently. As a person of color I am an American first. I respect the diverse culture the US has and stop telling people that I am black but an American. As for my life here in American, it has change for the better. I also put on my applications for employment the I’m just American. I have gotten more job interviews and offers because of my views of just being an American. If more people took this approach more people in general would respect and trust the person without labels. If you are gay or straight just tell people you are an American. The American society includes it all so be a part of it. This goes for dealing and creating relationships with others. Asians are among most segregated group because the aren’t good at creating and keeping good relationships other Americans other than whites. My advise to Asians are live in American without color nor personal culture, just live person to person. If a person respects you respect him/her back. Don’t judge on differences but respect on common grounds. We are all human and have a lot in common.

  29. RazorsEdge says

    I think asians in america dont have a lot a leadership position is because western culture valued extroversion and asians are often perceived has introverts and shy . Reality is you don't have to be the supersocial guy to be a leader.

  30. dy_over_dx says

    0:32 i thought he was going to refer to X

  31. Jim Chou says

    For male Asian romantic leads in U.S. movies I thought it was pretty cool when Chow Yun Fat did Replacement Killers and King and I and he nailed it. Chow Yun Fat I guess is THAT manly that he could score that type of role in a society where that doesn't happen a lot. I loved Replacement Killers BTW. It's been quite a while though. That said, I don't feel particularly "entitled" to see that in movie theaters in the U.S. as it isn't like that sort of thing doesn't happen a TON in real life.

  32. george S Preux says

    white actors sell . not just in America but around the world … I've seen Mexican soap operas and they always have the whitest Mexicans playing lead roles . it's just the world we live in . whites are the standard in mainstream media …

  33. Chocobo Linh says

    People have no problems with Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen that took part in SW: Rouge One , because that was the super performance SW movie. Marie Kelly Tran on the other hand was a product of those SJW adminstration that created The Last Jedi abomination that insulted the fanbase.

  34. Sperry says

    MTV in the early 80's used to make excuses that the general public didn't want to see blacks on TV, that's why most of early bands and artists were whites on their network. Time have changed.

  35. TheYnotThat says

    The Cast of Mulan is such a 100 steps backwards. I do not support it. The Disney cartoon film had American Asian cast in it, but the live action has a bunch of FOBs who barely speaks English. Instead of casting American Asians, Disney decided to cast a bunch of Asian foreigners. Once again, the American Asian actors doesn't get a break AND the world will see these Asian foreigners as representations of American Asians. Total failure.

  36. Seamus Howling says

    I thought the Viet broad in Star Wars was cute.

  37. TheScotchaholic says

    Regarding number 5 & 6: Asians are TOO dependent on racists for promotions and advancements in entertainment and other careers. Asians must build their own businesses/industries and CONTROL the hiring practices. Asians are more merit based than others, while most everyone else wants to play politics to a VERY high degree. Asian companies, whether foreign or domestic, provide more jobs per capita for NON-Asians than any other minority group in America! Period, end of story! If you expect non-Asians to be just as reciprocal and merit based, you're DELUSIONAL. That study VALIDATES my statement!

    Since you guys are based in NY, why haven't you commented on the threat to poor Asian student enrollment at elite high schools, with the proposal to eliminate merit based testing? Did you guys know that Asian American students get deductions on their SATs, while other get "handicap" points?

    Does it interfere with your PC narratives, and liberal leanings? Following the PC, will only get us marginalized further unless you are willing to FIGHT physically and politically. This REINFORCES the weak Asian male stereotypes, that you are woefully trying to counter.

    Why don't you guys report on the HIGHLY disproportionate black on asian crimes across America? Once again, does it make you FEARFUL about speaking the truth and facts about the matter? Does it get in the way of your PC narratives?
    Maybe you guys need to see the recent crimes as a wakeup call:

    STRONG Asian male stereotypes such as martial arts, you CLEARLY avoid and don't even promote such as fellow Asian/Chinese American Daniel Wu in his starring series "Into The Badlands" – yet you claim yourselves as proud Asians and promote just Bruce Lee? What about Asian/Vietnamese American former MMA champ Cung Le? What about all the Korean and Japanese MMA contenders and stars, just JLin and Bball? Bouncing a GODDAMNED ball around is going to help you in street crimes and bullying?
    What about the champion Asian marksmen and shooters in world competitions? What about supporting self defense rights and the 2nd Amendment? I see that are STILL too many liberal PC indoctrinated Asians in America – that promote their own weakness and weak stereotypes.

  38. WndSks says

    If you are going to do news, don't do fake news. Link to an actual source that says her IG was closed because of hate! She does not like social media, that's it.

  39. babolat435 says

    Star Wars stuff around 8:30

  40. Zach Couch says

    Kelly Tran was the worst part of any Star Wars movie since Jarjar.

  41. Zach Couch says

    Andrew keep using the ring light

  42. Chris Hansen says

    I wasn't prepared to like the vid, but it was riveting. About Asians who don't look Asian, a friend of mine in Singapore is half Chinese, half Belgian, and all Singaporean. He regularly finds that people assume he's not fluent in Mandarin (he is) and also assume he's not Singaporean (he's that too). Not making assumptions about someone is the first step in not being an a**hole. There is also a lawsuit against Harvard because of a bias against Asian applicants. I interview people here in London who are applying to my alma mater, Columbia, and I have interviewed Asians and all kinds of young people. The evidence shows that the admissions people in various colleges (I hope not Columbia) rate Asians lower than the in-person interviewers do. What a crock! Keep up the good work and I'll watch every news vid you put out.

  43. HandGrenades 4Balls says


  44. Christian Guerrero says

    There is no real hope unless your family is wealthy.

  45. Tony Samsenthai Xaychareun Xayagouman says

    Yeah where are the Romantic Asian guys that females like i wanna see so that way i can show my friends whats up =) llol =D damn i wish i was a romantic asian guy swear to everything yo sleep with my wife everyday!!!!

  46. Kleara Chim says

    Where’s ur mom??
    If she pass I’m sorry but I haven’t been catching up with ur channel

  47. swaggz says

    What im about to say is neither racist nor hatred towards anyone. Just base on my observation and educated guess: this world is controlled by money and power. Media/entertainment/politics/management,etc. help support these two factors. That is why we dont see Asians more specifically, males, in the media, politics, influential management roles in America. China/Japan itself basically controls half, if not more, of the global trade/ natural resources/technology and are influential in international business. With this comes power and control of the world market. America does not want Asians and/or Far east influences dominating western culture(hint:trade war with China, tactic use to stop China's momentum of producing exponential amount of metal, producing a lot of metal likely indicates a nation has economic muscle). They must minimize this movement best and easiest way they can by limiting the exposure of Asians (mostly male) thru media, entertainment, politics to the point of non existence. But they still keep diversity as to appear not to be racist, so they include blacks, asian female, and other minorities on these platforms while having the white male as a leader or authority figure. This strategy used, less likely challenges the white male as oppose to having an Asian male which can become a threat to dominating western culture. Examples: No lead Asian male in Hollywood since Sessue Hayakawa, which became first Asian male as romantic lead in Hollywood. Never seen again. Bruce Lee another influential person died mysteriously. Jet Lee never got the girl in his movie in "romeo must die"not even a real kiss. Tons of Asian female and other female minority counterparts tho in mostly movies where white male are lead roles-and theres politics: they cant have Asian males in these role because of the concerns of domination. So they included one black minority judge to the Supreme Court. Other minorities are also represented in politics but not Asian males. Why Asia males can dominate globally but cant get intoba movie without being typecast? These are small examples. Again these are just my observations and opinions and may not be accurate or true.

  48. JRNexGen says

    Actually there has never been any good looking western male lead actors. Zero. Nothing. At least not in Western Media so I'd suggest you'd better get your facts right. Is Steven Yeun good looking? No, he is in the middle. The problem with Asian males is that they are literally ALL in the middle or lower ground, but an even bigger problem with being Asian Male is that literally ALL Asian males, including good looking ones are excluded.

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