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  1. coolguy5555551 says

    Didn't something like this already happen in Times Square last month?

  2. Gawanipony 3 says

    I don't want to jump to conclusions here but…
    O.J. Simpson

  3. rayneoftera says

    The religion of peace, Trump was right, take your pick?

  4. William Matthews says

    If MSM says this was just an accident or someone running from the police, (like they did several days ago), then we know this was actually another terrorist attack.

  5. isaac Bluer 16 says


  6. N L says

    Wonder if it's Islam again

  7. Laurence Connelly says

    Was the guy reading the Qur'an and lost control?

  8. Keep It Real says

    Just another day in NYC.

  9. TRUMP says

    texting while driving assholes

  10. Anonymous Texan says

    False flag 😕

  11. Seafarer64 says

    These unmanned SUVs are a nuisance and should be required by law to have a driver before being allowed to merge into traffic!

  12. Pablo Mariani says

    Ban SUVs

  13. J Wilyard says

    Is fox being racist for calling it a black suv?

  14. star shine says

    I have seen accidents like this before….and in those cases the airbag deploying shot into the drivers face…causing them to not see what was going on….then reflex slam on the gas pedal because they are disoriented by the airbag and the airbag power that comes out. I would bet 99% that's what happened.

  15. Stacy Skywatch says

    UN AGENDA 21 30,,  bit by bit get all cars out of the slave city's so what better way to do it as usual, get the brainwashed sheep to ask for it,,   FAKE CAR and TRUCK ATTACKS by the real TERRORISTS that are controlling this matrix by controlling everything the sheep think and believe,,

  16. Stacy Skywatch says

    FOX NEWS=666

  17. Jj Jones says

    Let me guess…

  18. latindrummer777 says

    Jeez… when will the liberalturds and Democraps figure out its the religion of Muslims that is the fault?

  19. Ralph A. Wolf says

    Another terrorist attack from Democrat-rats… or mad dog Muslim "refugees" from Africa and the Mideast?

  20. scrumsey says

    Editor? SUV's don't jump curbs on their own. Someone DROVE an SUV over the curb. Learn how to write and speak proper English.


  21. darkjedi351 says

    So this one isn't a terrorist attacking like the last one?

  22. VoltronnortloV says

    Obviously terrorism or fake news.

  23. James Taylor says

    So a black SUV jumped the sidewalk. Was it driving itself?? Where's the description of the driver?

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