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The 5 Best Coffee Shops In Greenpoint, Brooklyn


I love coffee and exploring new spots and revisiting old ones is always a thrill! Today I share my 5 top coffee shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! If you are also a coffee fan, go check them out!

Yes, everyone that knows me, knows that I’m c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y addicted to coffee (good coffee!) and I drink it throughout my entire day! Being Brazilian, I think it’s just a natural part of me. Ha!

I have friends that tell me that if they drink coffee after lunch time, they can’t sleep at night. And, that just sounds so crazy… I can literally drink a gallon on coffee at night, roll over and sleep like a baby.

That said, I love exploring all the new coffee shops in New York. We also have some pretty amazing traditional ones that are still going strong. Those bigger chains are certainly not up my alley at all. I like the smaller ones, independently owned that roast their own coffee and the smell just fills up the entire place.

We’ve already shared the 5 best bars in Greenpoint that I love. So, today I’m sharing my favorite and 5 top coffee shops, also in Greenpoint. After all, I do love everything about that neighborhood.

Come explore with me and read more about them here:

  1. Bárbara Conte says

    Loved! Maman is my fave <3 but def wanna try the others, Fe!

  2. Victor Nader says

    I lived around the area and I only knew 2 of the 5 spots! Amazing job Fe! keep em coming!

  3. Eduardo Yamashita says

    Great list!!!

  4. Markus Sassmann says

    Great Video!

  5. vickybel says

    Im following ur track all over – when im in NY I have no time to search around. Please keep it on!

  6. Mercedes Drever says

    love these tips! congrats, fê!!! thank you <3

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