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  1. Fumetsu no Jutsu says

    @wubrother lmao ur funny, dress how u like man, they don't own the style, whatever u wear man u own bro dude walk everywhere u go like u deserve to be there and no one can stop u k, its safe to walk the streets alone if u got a knife but even the smallest one can ward people away if u either act really calm or extremely crazy and ur gona jook someone lol, i like to be quite and ask them if they're ready for what's about to hit them, be tough, if u can't bluff, get a clean shot to the throat easy

  2. Fumetsu no Jutsu says

    @wubrother btw i mean to throat with ur fist not ur knife lol don't do that unless ur in deep shit, and remember self defence goes a long way go with what u would naturally.. but yeah a hit in the throat, thats one down forsure, fuck u can slap them there if u want, also the groin and if u can only reach the torso due to grabbing, his solar plex easier to detect if he's built, hit him right under inbetween his pecs and he'll deffinitely drop, try it on urself with the slightest pressure, ur safe

  3. Fumetsu no Jutsu says

    @MrTonydaalbo069 bro the whole god damn world is soft now..
    i'm the baddest mutherfucker alive!

  4. eddieg671 says

    Damn the comment below me is really fucked up

  5. chouser3216 says

    im from the rockaways homie nd im white i never been skinned alive homie i fuckd up more people then you have nd i got mad black nd hispanic friends so fuck whatchu sayin tlkin sideways like tht on some racist shit. i seen white bloods and crips and hispanic bloods and crips. so just because yu a puusy doesnt mean the whites in ghettos are. peckerwood ass nigga

  6. chouser3216 says

    come to new york poppin off like that and what time do yu live in where whites and blacks cant be friends lmfao. you sound retarded and i sweasr id fuck yu up if yu came to queens like that. i am proud to be white but does that mean i gotta be a pussy ? na if more whites would be like the whites from New York we would have alot more respect all over the US. And the prison are run by the arian brotherhood. Look it up and get your shit straight.

  7. TheRedtaz says

    i couldn't have said it better! make no mistake, they don't like you!

  8. Frank Evans says

    Wow! The white guy lasted 3:36 in Harlem. Just after the video finished, he got zapped. Mother f*cker!

  9. newyorka7 says

    lol hes dumb he said DOWNTOWN harlem. Harlem's Uptown.

  10. newyorka7 says

    It's safe to go some places but try to stay out of places like Harlem and south Bronx because some people don't like certain people just because of the color of there skin. Thats just the way it is. I'm black and I'm from NY BTW.

  11. wubrother says

    haha that reply is a lil late but thx anyway. so, i've been to nyc for a whole month from mid april to mid may. been to all of the 5, no bad experiences. eg been to harlem a couple of times and even if i were the only white person for the whole day, i never felt unsafe or anything. many people told me that they thought that i'm from nyc the first 10 minutes (most of em were guessin' that i'm from bklyn,haha). also walked hand in hand with a black girl through all of problem at all.

  12. wubrother says

    i don't imitate noone. i'm all me. i think it's sad that there are still retarded people like u runnin around. racism sucks and u suck if you're f*ckin racist.

  13. newyorka7 says

    lol yeah sorry about replying so late. But where are you from? And I hope you had a great time there.

  14. wubrother says

    i'm from germany. and yes indeed, i had an unbelievable time there. playin' ball there is crazy good. best streetball action i've ever had, everybody was really nice to me and i also made some friends. gonna return this summer. felt like home in nyc!

  15. newyorka7 says

    kool. And I would think some people would think that you're from NY because of your German accent(if you have one) or there not from New York but anyways, I'm glad you liked it there and where did you stay? If you're looking for another hotel in a nice area I would advice midtown, upper east or west side, time square,or lower Manhattan.

  16. wubrother says

    i stayed in two hostels on the upper west side and in one on the upper east. it's so beautiful there and even though you're so close to where all the action is,it's still so quiet there,you don't hear none of the traffic,cabs honking etc.
    i'm tying to speak with as less accent as possible.i love to express myself in english and i think my english is acceptable (attended a advanced english class in high school) and i got along very well in nyc on my own for a full month ..

  17. newyorka7 says

    WOW!!!!You must be rich because I wouldn't even dream of being in a hotel in upper west or east side! It's beautiful there. I love central park. I'm not poor just to let you know. I live in a nice house now and my old house was worth $400,000. I know that's not alot in Germany but it is here. But anyways yeah I hope you come back!Habt einen guten Tag

  18. wubrother says

    haha no, i'm not rich!i didn't stay in a hotel,i stayed in 3 different HOSTELS during my stay in nyc.Shared dorms.Not very comfy but i wanted to stay as long as possible with the money i had. Been working for some months though to save up for my travels!
    See, i'm 22 and play ball since the age of 7 or 8, so i always wanted to play pick-up basketball in nyc. I'm already planning on a 2 week stay in nyc this summer.can't wait to ball at West 4th again, the finest streetball action i'v ever had! 🙂

  19. newyorka7 says

    Oh ok. My bad I read it wrong lol. I've played over there myself in west 4th. I had a pickup game with some guys. It's pretty nice but if you want to see the best streetball court in NY than go to Rucker Park. It's in Harlem, and just to warn you, they have lots of REALLY good ball players out there. Peace!

  20. wubrother says

    Don't worry, haha. Been to the Rucker, too 🙂
    Unfortunately they weren't many people playin there when i went there, then the weather got bad for a few days. But i played ball on many court in nyc, still my fav court is west 4th. i loved how the crowed went crazy after my fifth three in a row.
    but yep, i know rucker has many people that are nice.
    what i missed was 'the GOAT' and 'together we chill' (was on my way but it started to rain), but as i said, i'll be in ny this summer 🙂

  21. valkor73 says

    food looks greattttttttt

  22. tim andralf says

    stop fucking them then

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