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THE DOMINICK NYC – Penthouse Suite Tour


There’s a very cool new luxury hotel in Lower Manhattan called The Dominick ( Formerly known as the Trump SoHo, the Dominick is the only high-rise hotel in the area, offering amazing views downtown to the Freedom Tower and uptown all the way to Central Park. Here’s a tour of one of the hotel’s amazing penthouse suites.

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  1. Γεωργιος PRIVATE says

    Hey Fred check my video
    Check Park Hyatt Hotel Vienna
    You should go there. I actually loved it it starts from 500 per night so go stay

  2. Plane Sense says

    wow! nice,,how much does it cost per night?

  3. 6falconsue says

    Really like the new look of this hotel (and the name change ;-). It's a rare thing to find 2 bedroom apartment-type suites in NYC. I looked at the hotel website and there are 2bd suites available in the $1000-$2000 per night range, with discounts for staying more than a couple of days, not to mention AAA discounts. This might be a possibility for a future trip to NYC. Thanks Fred–you're my NYC guru!

  4. Schwartzy says

    Is this a old video? I think I saw it! (Still really nice, thanks for the upload)

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