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The fight to make bad jobs better


It’s easy to find a job, just not a good one.


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  1. Vox says

    Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next episode, which takes a look at some options for job training and education. Since this video is a bit of a downer, I hope you'll check out the work of Zeynep Ton, an MIT prof who studies retailers that have successfully implemented a "good jobs strategy": -Joss

  2. Anders Nilson says

    Problems that work has less and less rights at work major problem in America. American workers should perhaps look at how to solve these problems in other countries where the problem does not exist. For example, Sweden, Norway and Denmark without workers have more rights than obligations to the company. You are a large group of people with much power you should be able to get through this if you work together. Today there are two strong leaders who should be behind Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren. Do not listen to politicians without facts check what they say.

  3. hundred cs says


  4. Keith Curtis says

    Some good ideas. I would just note that it is scary to be setting labor policy at the federal level without having tried it in multiple states first. The federal government in the past has created, bubbles, crashes and recessions. The government solution to a problem can even be worse than the problem, so let's test the ideas first.

  5. HidingZebraTube says

    As a plain old white guy, with no college education. stuck in a min wage job. This video scares the crap outta me.

  6. Shahzaib Mirza says

    as an immigrant the biggest problem I have noticed is the mindset of the most american people , who believe it is acceptable and "honorable" to kill yourself over jobs that shouldn't be as high demanding and horribly compensated as they are. the mindset of "i kill myself it will payoff one day." instead of having your current position and work be compensated for accordingly.

  7. cairo says

    I just dont understand, how could it be so bad to get a US salary. I mean it is still much much higher than a salary of a doctor in my country. I know, there are expenses, but most of them are not mandatory. There is a bit of a leftist demagogy with liberal guilt in it.

  8. brewski118sempire says

    I worked in retail for years. I would write the scheduled for many people. We had a computer system that would do it for us, and If changed anything about it (because I knew some people preferred evenings or little things like that) I would get "coached" and informed we have this system for a reason.

  9. Bill Smith says

    The Gov should not get in the middle of the free market. Gov only makes things worse.

  10. thehALomolov2 says

    Most of the issues pointed out are not even issues.

    If you are unavailable to work the shift you were hired to work… Than you simply made urself unavailable to work. If you were hired to work evenings and weekends, you can't just change your availability and suddenly expect to get shifts that were not offered to begin with…

    How is it an issue that educated people are getting better jobs over simple highschool grads… One group did the bare minimum and the other invested in themselves.
    Would you hire someone for a high paying job simply because they like the pay or would you hire someone who is trained by a trusted institution that proved themselves more capable by graduating.

    Nowadays everyone goes to some post secondary. A few decades ago that was not the case, post secondary was for scholars and wealthy families. Nowadays grad school and beyond is for scholars and wealthy familys just send their kids to private schools and then to get business and law degrees to be handed executive jobs.

  11. ROKASniper89 says

    I worked for CVS as a pharmacy technician for 5 years. During that time I saw my benefits get cut. My pay went down and scheduling was a nightmare. I never knew when I'd be working.

  12. Robert Tanksley says

    Problem is in states like mine, if you try and unionize you just get fired. Doesn't matter the industry. They will replace you in a week, or a day. There are 100 people wanting your job, so you deal with it.

  13. Jennifer Shepherd says

    In Virginia, during the presidential election in 2016, a proposed state law I hadn't heard anything about was added on to the ballot. It was about whether of not a company could hire a new workforce if its current workforce was on strike. The wording was purposefully confounding, and the bill was passed by a relatively narrow margin. Also, I don't know how it is in other states, but most people I know are so afraid they'll be fired that they won't say the word even in social outings with coworkers.

  14. Marc Bryant says

    I feel bad for retail workers but really all you do is make change and stock shelves. Pretty much anyone can do that…. and now with self-checkout all they really need you to do is stock shelves.

  15. Done2TheDeadGuy says

    Communism is better.

  16. Araxie Rose says

    I live in Madison, WI, where the unemployment rate usually hovers around a mere 4%. But the homeless population grows every year, because the average retail job isn't enough to pay a $850-a-month rent (minimum). It's tough when people come into where I work politely asking for help finding affordable housing, and having to tell them that the waitlist is pages long. The current economic model is not only unjust, it's unsustainable.

  17. Atlas Tobin says

    I’m over job growth, say hello to automation and basic income!!!

  18. AcidentalStaffwriter says

    I work a grocery store job and am continually worked 30+ hours despite clearly stating and requesting on multiple occasions to have no more than 20. I was told my hours could be reduced when they hired more people and then overheard my manager telling someone else that it was easier to work three people as often and as close to full time as possible rather than hire a fourth and give everyone hours closer to their preference. Small jobs don't care about small people. They only care about making a buck.

  19. Grafis says

    Very good video.

  20. charles prater says

    Yes increase tge minimum wage and watch jobs fly away and product cost more. Bye 1 dollor menu

  21. Audrey Street says

    I’m in Charleston WV an I saw the rally in front of the Kroger near Bible Center Church

  22. nickburnsap says

    That framerate though.

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