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  1. Matt Dell says

    Got to sit in the front row of TLK, what an amazing show

  2. Ben Schneck says

    Good to see my friend russel Joel brown again after he saw me sing at rj thespian conference in georgia

  3. Ben Bresulla says

    Dang ducks spitting in my eyes 😢

  4. MsWDWFAN1 says

    Excellent! 👏

  5. Mouse Eared World says

    Loved that show when we saw it in person, so amazing!

  6. Spirit Of The Holidays says

    I love that they chose He Lives In You! They do Circle or life too much

  7. Depth217 says

    We love you Robin ❤️

  8. June Rey Olimba Mills says

    good tosee lea salonga in the vid 😀 @2:11

  9. douglas thompson says

    Hey! Who's cutting onions in here!

  10. Gena Ragland says

    I've seen the Lion king six times and it amazes me everytime. Fantastic

  11. VOIDRAHZO; says


  12. mystical flute says

    He Lives in You is such a fantastic choice for the Legends ceremony!!

  13. Marshan Thomas says

    this was the best show ever and I hope it comes back to Hollywood

  14. Marshan Thomas says

    all was started bc of nr Disney r.i.p

  15. David Cox says

    Alton Fitzgerald white mufasa they live in you

  16. Erin Squire says

    Hi long king how are you

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