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  1. justin linnane says

    Great selection of vans and the designs really do seem to be getting a lot more creative . build quality looks good too I did like large Hymer Island bed van though. there is something about Hymers . A near Perfect Blend of good design and superb build quality

  2. tiddy irvine says

    Love your comprehensive reviews of the vans, you look at everything and give excellent commentary. Well done Jenny you sorted out the extra cushion mystery.

  3. Denise Christie says

    Thank you both so much for your video,really like the style……not too serious but aways informative…….and obviously never forgetting the well travelled,Princess Poppy the star of the show!

  4. Wildflower wind says

    The prices seem to be more affordable over there than in the US. And the driver and passenger seats all turn around where over here not very many do.

  5. Poshcats Camping says

    Love your videos Bob and Jenny but a bit worried about the scary bit at the end. It was lovely to meet you both yesterday, I hope we have the pleasure again soon. Enjoy your on coming trip to Scotland, we can’t wait to see the pictures. Trev & Sue 😁👍🏻

  6. Colin Humphries says

    Finally got a collection date for our new Motorhome, did any of the exhibitors give any indication of delivery times for new Motorhomes/Campervans, can easily put you off if you want to upgrade ? All the dealers seem to be in the same boat waiting for deliveries, unless you only require a standard specification model, or ex displays ? Another professionally delivered video, even Jenny can now give you a run for your commentaries, well done to you both.

  7. Caravan Tastic says

    We had a great time there today and we caught the sun too! A few quids worth of leisure vehicles on site. 😊

  8. Sarinf Serg says

    Another epic video to add to my collection !
    Mr & Mrs Earnshaw, I have a quick question, here in America all RVs are with air condition, what about there in Europe ? Can I get one installed ?

  9. Gail Holman says

    Another great video Bob and Jenny. Have you thought of looking at Rimors? They’re Italian and very good value with a good range of vans. We have the Kat 12P which we’re really pleased with. If you find the M & C stand, have a chat with Kerry or Maria.

  10. Bridget Salter says

    Hi bob x jenny ,for some reason I unsubed you😨😨,how why that happened ?
    I by chance noted a comment on happy travelers site from you x thought long time no vlogs?
    So normal service resumed ..ime in. Best wishes 👍

  11. Graham Durkee says

    Come on down to the MCC stand and say Hi. Be good to meet you. GD.

  12. Our Adventures NZ says

    Really enjoyed this video. Thanks Bob & Jenny

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