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The Next Adventure Begins!


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  1. TheTruckDriver62 says

    Did you grab Lydia's jacket?

  2. Its Arctic says

    Does Luke have a YouTube

  3. Christain Loumidis says

    you should full on bring sam jones on as a designer

  4. V2x MeRcY master gamer says

    Where are toms cats

  5. AfroFarFar says

    I fucking love you tom, your vlogs make my days, especially the LA ones, I started watching you yeras ago when my friends talked about this guy playing COD, I can say that I kinda miss the times when you lived with tucker, sonja and the others tho 😉 . currently working 10h a day as a welder because of you, you made it clear that it's important to do what you want with your life. I got rid of toxic people and now I'm here, haven't had a major depression meltdown in months. all thanks to you! love you man <3 <3 <3

  6. ThinkingHook901 says

    Tom the KSI fight is in August. you have to decide between that and pirate week

  7. Actor Al GameZ says

    Thankyou Tom for always managing to bring a smile to my face for the last 6 years!

  8. arran easthope says

    hay tom im about to face my gcse and every time i watch ur flogs i feel relaxed and less stressed everyday . your saying is the most positive saying i always think about . your words inspire me to well so im able to live life and make the most of it so i thank u tom personally thank u

  9. Barr3h says

    New movie spin-off in flights: Steaks on a Plane 😛

  10. Ragingbat 1554 says

    Did he move?

  11. calum macdonald says

    What a legend Live from Scotland ❤️

  12. Kryptic says

    Hey tom, as u may not know, the GCSE exams start next week, any tips for handling the stress?

  13. 247grizzlyman says

    TOM pirate week is awesome bro you should definitely go and you can have some fun in NC and maybe a small meet up haha

  14. lapiz412 says

    happy birthday alice

  15. Johnny Boy says

    Okay so had no idea Tom and Lydia broke up cause it's been awhile since I've watched the vlogs and i have no idea how i feel about this

  16. zach getgood says

    New film starring Samuel L Jackson, steaks on a plane

  17. Eric Fassbender says

    Tom Tom Tom, it’s pronounced Fan-Ta not Fan-a-te

  18. Ateeq Rehman says

    "How to ORGASM in Los Angeles" hahahahahaha……

  19. Ateeq Rehman says

    "It tastes like asss" 😂😂😂

  20. Lauren says

    ‘ Tastes like ass’ 😭😂😭😂

  21. TVW Chain says


  22. PrO_GaMeR_15 says

    So have you and Lydia broken up for real or just spending some time away from each other for a bit ?

  23. Jake Coles says

    Luke sounds like John C. Riley

  24. Hi says

    He said he loved Lydia but he doesn’t seem to care much about it, if I had to stop being with the one I love I would be so upset like I don’t know if he’s just hiding it all but it just confuses me

  25. Stewart McCleary says

    Wow Tom wearing a blue t shirt🤔😂

  26. Maeya A Cheesebro says

    I hope he remembered her jacket

  27. ImVuse says

    wait do you actually pronounce it "fan-a-tay"??? or are you just doing that as a joke ahah

  28. Its CR4ZY BOY says

    go see waffles and dalek if they are there for the reveal

  29. ihaveaverylongusernamebecauseikeeptyping says

    wait lydia and tom broke up?

  30. Zombie Slayer says

    "i might be in town next week" " last time I'll see the sun for a long time " 😂😂😂😂

  31. Kyle Fujioka says

    I haven't had a full night's sleep since July of last year lol. It sucks.

  32. James Nicholls says

    la lounge is ok you should have gone on the upper deck more space

  33. KnifePvPx says

    Reckless Tortuga! I used to love his cod vids!

  34. Denys Shevchenko says

    Where are you going in Ukraine

  35. Mandy Alarcóng says

    Wowowowowow…… X3 I just have to say it… You look really good wearing blue :3

  36. Kaøz says

    Hello Tom…It's…Steven Morris…I'm very confused…I didn't even realise my dad had Twitter…Thanks for the shoutout none the less tho

  37. XxBOMBIE-LEGENDxX says

    yo august
    11 my bday

  38. narutofan10036 says

    you and Lydia broke up! nuuuuuuuuu

  39. Ryan Elkins says

    How much is your apartment a month???


    anyone see the lady peeking in at 17.:53

  41. Panda says

    that dog is on you! AND YOU LOVE IT

  42. Alex Francis says

    you and lydia broke up???? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Emma Field says

    I’m so behind but, thanks for making my brain sing my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard hahaha

  44. Skyler Mills says

    I'm so happy I could meet him in August I live in NC. Holy crap

  45. TheRogueHero says


  46. Z Hunting camel Marksman says

    Hey Tom I see your bold beard spot and I have the same one

  47. Blaise S says

    NC is great! You would definitely enjoy it. The fest is awesome

  48. Alfie Haysom says


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