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The Rest of the Uganda Visit (November 2017)


It was such an amazing, life changing experience visiting Luuka, Uganda. Saying goodbye was like leaving a piece of my heart there. I haven’t cried so hard leaving a place and a people as I did (hiding, so the children wouldn’t know) as I did there. It truly felt like heartbreak. I hope to return someday. Here is the rest of the footage I got for that part of the trip. I would have gotten more had I a place to charge my camera while staying there. Charging things is challenging there (unless you stay in a westernized hotel or something). Next time I will remember to bring solar battery packs. 🙂

If you’re interested in checking out Hope for Orphans Organization-Luuka, you can go to their website at:

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  1. sam iam says

    Very lovely and interesting video, thank you for posting !

  2. meezergurl says

    Even the poorest person in North America is rich compared to the poor in Africa and other third world countries. That people don't have the basics of clean water is a sin as there is enuf wealth in the world to end poverty in a day but it's controlled by a small percent.
    Wonderful that you have had such opportunities to travel in the past while – were you sponsored by your church for this trip? Uganda can be a dangerous country – did you ever feel in danger while you were there? Loved watching your Africa videos. <3

  3. Monica Watson says

    What an amazing experience you had!

  4. nicholas.elbert says

    Wow nice job!!

  5. misscur48 says

    Beautiful experiences you are having. Thanks for sharing.

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