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The Struggle in New York is Real – Part 1


The struggle in New York is real but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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  1. Hernanar gamer says

    thank you for advice, i would like to see part two

  2. Beenish Khan says

    I really appreciate this video pls make part 2 … bless u keep up the good work

  3. scorpiomoonbeam says

    Yes! Please do a part two.

  4. Edmprincess says

    2 months ago I traveled to NYC for the first time it was never a place I wanted to visit mainly because it looked so dirty and like every other city there are homeless ppl I was most shocked by how much actual garbage there was everywhere, somehow once you looked past all the negatives there was something so magical about it and now I cant wait to go back again but it is never a place I would want to live I could see the hustle and struggle as I walked down the streets it was definitely real

  5. Herbie 56 says


  6. Visit MyPad says

    You should show the subway system and the insanity with how packed it is. I worked there for 1 week first two days I was excited about taking the subway by Thursday I was over it. Luckily I was back in San Diego by the weekend! I also like you showing the trash bags they are no joke like piles of trash …..Im creating videos about Life in San Diego, CA so i like to see how you create your videos….They are edited beautifully!

  7. Youp954 says

    Yes to part 2. I lived in NYC for 9 months with a friend as I was transitioning from NJ to FL and needed a place to stay. NYC has some good and bad points. Winters and summers are terrible. Spring and fall are gorgeous but a fresh snowfall is beautiful too. Broadway, Off Broadway, museums, restaurants, culture in general, etc. is fantastic. Living in a concrete jungle is not. Do your homework before moving here. Or try NJ, CT or Long Island or the other boroughs and weigh living in Manhattan vs. commuting. Love your videos.

  8. GirlBoss603252 says

    That comment from your viewer was so off-putting. NYC is a CITY – you don't even have to be from here to know it's crowded, expensive, and loud. It's not the suburbs. This is not news to anyone. Also, there are homeless people in every single city in America, and I would challenge a person to find a place that didn't have a less attractive side. It's what you make of it…NYC isn't for everyone.

  9. Patrick Alejandro says

    Show us, please, Battery Park City.I'd like to see a part 2 of this video.

  10. Bt Rec says

    I bet New York is full of rats😭😭😭😭😬

  11. Amira Blue.b says

    Try Queens or Brooklyn all the Bronx to look for a room

  12. Joe Johnson says

    Please add part two I love the video I was thinking of moving there to maybe not now

  13. StMichaelsArmy says

    NYC is for the quick and strong but its also a magic place! Get your own apt and charged your roomies rent! Don't be a roomie to some who owns an apt, they over charge! In NYC you'll get smart fast! Welcome!

  14. Cheese Lover Girl says

    when nyc was first built realtors wanted the prices super expensive so it would be home to the upper class but it sort of did the opposite with loads of people that couldn't even afford for the cheapest home out there so that's why so many places are increasing prices to every year to keep the lower class and lower middle class people out of nyc but it is always difficult for realtors and landlords to do this with the act there are so many homeless people around

  15. belinda jess says

    Loved this. It is so true – in movies and on TV NYC does appear to be airbrushed. 😍

  16. Mireya B says

    I'm from Santa Barbara,CA and let's just say, I moved to NY 6 years ago and it was hard, but I love it here ! At first any city will be tough ,but it paid off" not everyone is the same .I mean Santa barbara is beautiful ,But it has it's nasty and awful parts. just the other day they dismantled a homeless community close to where I lived .And found about 10,000 dirty needles, feces ,garbage .They relocated hundreds of homeless to motels or rehab facilities. because residents were complaining that it smelled and it was becoming dangerous .So you see every city has it's bad side. I love NY in the summer, I go to Brooklyn head to Brighton beach with friends visit the museums in manhattan .Ny is not for everyone, but I fit right in ! And I Love your vlogs keep up the good work .

  17. N. Wren says

    Definitely do a part 2. I''m a born and bred New Yorker. Worked 3 j obs. But I didn't mind until I tried looking for a larger apartment. Then it hit me.

  18. Darwis Wijaya says

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia! I enjoy your video, and your comment are so informative!
    please do the part 2 !, God bless ya 🙂

  19. Musa Issa says

    Sheltered snowflakes. Try an African city and then we'll talk.

  20. Musa Issa says

    New York is not for pussies. If you money game isn't right, and you don't have balls of steel/ are not resilient, be realistic and live in a city that's on your wavelength. And DON'T take your cues about most things by just watching beautiful videos and following pages on instagram featuring photoshopped images. Some people online…are very sheltered. You must learn to be critical and realistic. You won't get this from most forms of media. I however love this channel. Uplifting and great music.

  21. vincent parlante says

    Wow a different to a degree of the lifestyle in my old hometown . I had heard elsewhere that the homelessness rate was high. I really feel bad for those homeless there that got there do to loss of job's and inadequate income to live by. Although ?? As many now days can agree on ? Despite the wacked job's increase in numbers which I? Personally believe is a total farce ? I think it is more difficult in the Northeast depending on ones field of occupation to gain strong livable income and job's. I do however hold in my heart have a real love for the city I was born in and still have family in and around the city . I keep saying I would love to move back and that one day I will ? But unless the economy really turns upwards and onwards ?? I'm gonna have just continue to visit family and friends there and in Boston. Thank you shedding some light on the subject of moving to the city and the interesting apartment hunting there. Ciao. Buon pomeriggio.

  22. Demetrius Heath says

    I have lived in New York all of my life (South Bronx). Although everything said in this video is undoubtedly true, I believe the same can be said for all major cities (all major cities have their “less than desirable places). Overall, a shitload of research and perhaps a few visits before coming here would be the best idea.

  23. kathy sterling says

    Thanks for the your city..

  24. The other Alys says

    Part two please. Great video.

  25. SalVadorBrazil says

    Like the films of Woody Allen and Nora Ephron, your videos are beautiful love letters to New York. I honestly enjoy them very much. They are wonderful entertainment for the armchair traveler (and for this New Yorker living in Los Angeles). Please do not let anyone make you think that it's your obligation to warn the public about the negative side of living in NYC.

  26. bluedance lilly says

    This video overlooked one important hardship in NYC – crime.

  27. Aphrodub BA says

    Thank you for the video, always NY as is because of that I love your videos, NY is not a Sex and the City chapter but remains one of the most wonderful city

  28. gkn2102 says

    The struggles are real, but as others have suggested do your research and keep expectations in check. If you can't afford the best part of town where you currently live, then you shouldn't expect to live in the best parts of town in NYC either. I've lived in NYC for 15 years and the most important lesson the city taught me is patience. Sometimes you just have to wait it out – wait for the neighborhood to change, wait to make more money, or wait to meet connected people.

    I can't wait to see part II.

  29. Kshitij Sharma says

    Please make a part 2

  30. Jimmy Feng says

    Hey there! Do you have a business email I can reach you at?

  31. mat doggy says

    Thank god I'm a country boy (John denver) and would not even bury me in a city like ny

  32. Soraya Alami says

    part 2 please !!!!! this is so real

  33. Chloé Chesneau says

    Yes show us more of the struggle please

  34. Brian Jin says

    you know how expensive the city is, jeez go to the other boroughs or even jersey city thats like 10-20 mins from city. Good to have a friend to tell you ins and outs of nyc to save you time and money. The winters are horrible in ny i'm getting out, west coast or austin Texas here I come!

    ps stay away from the trashbags at night, tons and tons of rats lol

  35. Watsapp Status Next says

    Plz part 2

  36. Shine Weather says

    One of the world amazing place.. done my sub #6745

  37. ValaPINK says

    White transplants make this city a lot harder than it should be apartments are small and poorly constructed because they do not demand better living conditions because they have no skin in the game and/or their parents are paying for their rent.

  38. Aurélien de Saint Sernin says

    Wahh i just fell in love of your channel,the musics and the way that you are showing us the streets of the "big apple" it just makes me want so much to see this great city.Greetings from Paris 😉

  39. Abhishek Biradar says

    The most unamerican city ever 😂

  40. TheDavidgearsolid says

    One yellow cab by picture !

  41. Ahmed Uddin says

    . I have a dream to visit to new york.. I lke to inquire new people and new places.. I'm make all the time new conversations.. If your free you can also join, on what's app.. +91 8801244452 08801244452

  42. Karen Harriman says

    Not everyone is cut out for big cities. I personally think NYC is great, probably because I grew up downtown of a very big city. But, I have seen a lot of people move to a metropolis, believing that it will help them become happier, less bored, less lonely and more likely to find a good job. It really doesn't work that way. Like you said in part 2, living in a big city requires resilience and a sense of humor. You already have to be happy at the core, and be prepared for a couple of years of struggle before being able to fully integrate. I think Aisha will be fine though. It's just going to take time.

  43. Trucker Dayz68 says

    Thank you for your honesty 😉

  44. BK Kreps says

    As a Midwestern "Girl" even though I am fascinated with all things NYC; I know I would not last five minutes if I ever tried to live there!!

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