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The world’s darkest building is at the 2018 Olympics


This building absorbs 99% of the light that hits it, making it the darkest in the world.

It’s a temporary art installation built by the architect Asif Khan for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He worked with a version of Vantablack, the darkest possible paint, to create the illusion of a void dotted with stars.



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  1. Evan S says

    Smell the glove

  2. Jonnathan Crane says

    The inside function sounds like something out of blade runner.

  3. Fay Ioan says

    Finally they made a building that matches my soul

  4. John Doe says

    Who the fuck added these quotes? Quartz your channel is ran by a bunch of retards

  5. Just a Random Person says

    I’d like that paint for my room.

  6. Kennedy Grey says

    This was actually put forward over 30 years ago by legendary Spinal Tap member Nigel Tufnel, upon noting the black-only cover they were forced to use to cover up the offending "Smell the Glove" artwork, and I quote: "It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black. "

  7. Yellow Belly says

    Great! You spent millions on a building that's just taking up space for no fucking reason. A public restroom probably woulda been more useful then that shit…

  8. Caden Waggoner says

    Wow. Saturn/black box worship right in front of our faces. Wake up people.

  9. Fancyhatgod says

    They claim it's more expensive than dismonds, and so they go and create an entire building out of it.

  10. Julia Mäki says

    Never been one for architecture, but this is beautiful

  11. jimmy wrangles says

    Huge waste of resources anyone?

  12. Wolf O'Donnel says

    How do I unlock this location to fast travel?

  13. ragretS nitsuJ says

    Looks like a waste of time and money

  14. Trey Pohe says

    How cool and awesome! But does it get very hot in there?

  15. Julien Esteban says

    Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi

  16. mushroom cloud says

    VANTABLACK! I knew it!

  17. William Dino says

    Cube of Saturn

  18. Ilsunny Lo says

    Now if the wall is dirty nobody knows.

  19. Madafaca Top eleven says

    Its still brighter than my future 🙁

  20. Joni Subroto says

    So how much Vantablack needed to paint that whole surface? And how much did it cost?

  21. Rwit says

    This is the ideal clothing colour for me.

  22. Katelyn Dawnside says

    I can just imagine people getting stabbed by the "rods"

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