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They Added Mini Golf on Norwegian Bliss!


Here’s a look at a feature of the Norwegian Bliss cruise ship that didn’t even exist when the ship left the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany in April of 2018. During the Panama canal cruise in May, workers added a mini golf course to the upper deck of the ship, next to the go-kart racetrack.

In hindsight, I guess I was wrong when I said in the video that there isn’t anything radically different about this mini golf course than any other one you’ve ever played on. This one only has five holes! But the good news is that it’s still a lot of fun, and just one of many ways to have fun on this fantastic new ship from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Music credit at the end of the video:
Guiton Sketch by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  1. SJ Navaid says

    First! Also you have the best voice I've ever heard Jim!

  2. Wild1995 says

    Something free on NCL. Great to hear! Booked NCL Encore this week!

  3. Travelling with Bruce says

    I guess if you have kids and have to wait a while to use the go karts, this 5 hole golf course can help pass the time too. Interesting how they built it during a cruise…. Regards, Bruce Ps …I would love to have join me on one of my live streams for a phone interview…πŸ‘

  4. Tim Nordahl says

    Awesome addition to the ship! Can’t wait to try it

  5. Aliabdul2003 says


  6. Fromthefuture says

    Jim, how does it compare to… Anthem ? In your opinion.

  7. Nickle For Your Thoughts says

    You've been on many cruises Jim, have you noticed that Norwegian has more problems such as electrical, fires, etc. then any other cruise line at sea? I've heard that Norwegian is the worst cruise line for that and doesnt really care for its guest (steering right into a hurricane last year)

  8. caledon66 says

    Did you happen to notice if they have karaoke anywhere at night?

  9. Eric Caprilla says

    Nice video Jim how about a comparison video NCL Bliss to MSC Seaside? Which you liked better

  10. Eli Goddard says

    When will you go on a Disney Cruise Jim?

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