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Things I wish I knew before my carnival Cruise


Things I wish I knew before my carnival Cruise. I could have saved some money on my cruise or even had pizza at midnight if I’d only known these tips and tricks for carnival cruise line before my first cruise

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  1. Roger St martin says

    Thank you 😊 sir. 👍.

  2. Louis Yock says

    You need to double check the Cheers package. You are mistaken on several points.

  3. Cindy Williams says

    Have you ever done Celebrity?

  4. Evan pedvis says

    we show up earlier for boarding and they dont care. for example our boarding was at 1 we showed up at 11:30 and they did not care

  5. Ani mal says

    Don, I have travelled on Carnival ships for years – If you go to the Casino and you can ask for a lanyard (Free).They are Usually available in Carnivals' colors (Red or Blue), but they are made of plastic and are waterproof. They won't last forever but they will stand up to the Sun and Saltwater for longer than a year!

    Tried writing you by emails this week asking questions and to book on your group cruise, but they went unanswered – I wasn't aware you were on a cruise! Explains a lot! 🙂

  6. Bellicious says

    Very helpful tips, Don. On our first cruises I didn't know either that I could order multiple entrees for dinner. Now we often order multiple starters and entrees and share them with our entire party as we don't want to waste food.

  7. Richard Howard says

    Didn’t know about the port fee credit. We have not missed a port but yet another great tip from Don.

  8. Fromthefuture says

    Very Good…

  9. Jennifer Metzger says

    I just love your videos Don!! Thanks for all the great tips and all that you do for us cruisers!!

  10. Marco Rey says

    Does horizon ship have a steam room and sauna ( one for man and one for women separate) are they free?

  11. Mindspring Yahoo says

    if you're a remotely adventurous eater, I really recommend trying the juevos rancheros breakfast from the Mexican place, and also get an arepa or two to go with it. We bring some ziplocs and I take a few arepas for the road after the cruise.

  12. Ted Stark says

    Good info. Will b on sunshine soon.

  13. Melissa Moon says

    Sorry but you're not correct. at 1:11 you state the limit is 15 drinks, so if you get a latte, that counts as one.
    Please review Carnival's policy on their website. "Program allows for up to 15 alcoholic drinks per 24 hour period (6:00am-6:00am); once the limit is reached, the guest will not be served ANY additional alcoholic drinks. "

    Unless lattes have alcohol, in which case, I accept that I'm in the wrong.

  14. Jennifer Hadaway says

    Carnival has DELICIOUS pizza.

  15. Erik Gibbons says

    Great tips! I'd be careful about approaching guest services telling them you feel a bit nauseous. They may quarantine you thinking it's a communicable virus! 👍😯

  16. Karla Neese says

    When was the last time you were actually on a Carnival cruise? Not trying to be rude, but some of the information you are giving is incorrect. The lattes do NOT count toward the 15 drinks per day on the Cheers package – only alcoholic drinks count toward the 15 per day limit. The only types of liquors, spirits and wines not included are the ones over $50, those in souvenir glasses and very few other exceptions.

    Another item that you might want to update – I supposed it could be different on some ships but every time we've cruised for the past several years, when we boarded our Carnival ship, our Sail & Sign card already had a hole punched in it.

  17. Video Dummy says

    Just an FYI, Carnival never advertises unlimited alcohol. The only unlimited is the Bottomless Bubbles, which is the soft drinks. Now with the Cheers! Program, it does include Energy Drinks that are 5 dollars a piece on board, milkshakes, virgin drinks, juices, bottled water, and a lot more (which is worth the cost of the Cheers! Program alone if you indulge in those types of drinks, and are not limited). The only thing limited is the alcohol drinks, which are limited to 15. They are limited to 15 whether you buy the Cheers! Program or if you pay for them individually. So no, Carnival never misleads you about the drink programs, and if you have questions, it's better to ask one of us than to assume.

  18. Cornelia Brown says

    Thanks for the information because I would have never known how the timing thing works for the main dining room. My very cruise is in September and I chose the 6 pm dining option. I was thinking just as you said. I thought if you missed your original dining time you can do anytime dining. Glad you mentioned it thank you.

  19. bonnie bergstein says

    I’m not a Carnival cruiser anymore – used to cruise with them – but just not into the party ships anymore – but most of the things you mentioned work for other cruise lines too!! Princess stopped punching holes in the sail & sign card (something to do with their new Medallion program), but they have the lanyards with the clear pouches to hold your cruise card (I can’t wear things around my neck – so I just carry it with me in my pocket)!! I think all the cruise lines let you order several different things from the MDR menu – if you want 2 appetizers or entrees, they’re glad to oblige!! Never thought to ask about free postcards (they used to always have one in your cabin – with the big book containing the info about the ship)!
    Thanks again Don!! Will you be cruising on a Carnival ship when you do the transatlantic?

  20. Brett DeLong says

    There are tourists and there are travelers. Tourists have no idea what they are missing.

  21. PR DEACON says

    Best pizza on cruise is carnaval. Best fries is Royal Caribbean

  22. Jessica Keene says

    You are very wrong on the Cheers package! The only drinks that count towards your 15 a day is the alcohol drinks! Everything else IS unlimited coffee soda. Please don't a video if you have no idea what you are talking about!

  23. Jessica Keene says

    I really should have watched the whole video before I commented on this. Don you pretty much only got about half of you info right! I've been on 7 Carnival Cruises. You should take this down you not giving out the right information! Shame on you sir

  24. M Smith says

    The 15 drink limit only includes alcoholic drinks NOT coffees or shakes or anything non-alcoholic.

  25. bflo716 says

    Let’s see I’ve been on over a dozen cruises. I will be critiquing this video throughout. 15 alcoholic or speciality drinks have never been a problem, most people won’t have an issue with. Boarding times are pretty important, a little early is okay but definitely don’t show up hours before. The lanyard is handy. I prefer the ones with clips for belt loops with a bungie. ALWAYS bring Dramamine or Advil (and the like)ahead of time, whether you’ve been sea sick once always Lee never before. Never ever heard of this post card thing… I have volunteered before, usually given something like chocolate covered strawberries that night. I love that carnival has the complimentary room service (limited menus but good enough). I never recommend anytime dining, often creates more hassle than it’s worth. But I like order and structure.

  26. Jeff Kramer says

    Thanks Dan. To be honest, you're a dumbass because you sail on Carnival, sail out of Long Beach, and do the all you can drink package. Are you one of the idiots that fall asleep in the hall?

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