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  1. Christopher Balagso says

    First! 🙂

  2. Henderson Moyle says

    Love your vlogs hand in hand in hand 😂👨‍👩‍👧

  3. Louis Y says

    Mad late vlog. Where is the baby? Lol. Awesome content. Come to Montreal

  4. Sheryl Ong says

    Yes that last tsukemen that shanelle had at Haneda is AWESOME. Got to try it at Tokyo station and I absolutely love it!!

  5. Sheryl Ong says

    Make an Aussie/local vlog pls!!

  6. William Dearmore says

    love your video. glad they are more frequent now! if you are ever coming to hawaii ill give you the good stops lol

  7. K D says

    You guys are still my fave travel (especially Japan) vloggers ever!! Keep it up guys!!! ❤️

  8. nowgaku says


  9. Leanne Tran says

    should of watched this while eating something or whilst full 🙁 now im hungry

  10. Vladi Robov says

    lol she is pregnant
    (sorry to tell the obvious but i didnt know or notice it before)

  11. Nexus Chay says

    awesome video again!

  12. Fran Stains says

    So good 😎

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