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Top 10 Free Things To Do In London – London Attractions – London Tourism


London is all about the different touristic attractions that one could visit while being there, some of them are considered the most popular while others are just considered interesting and thus might be calling out for the tourists. There are top 10 free things to do in London which we would like to recommend.

The touristic places which one will choose when it comes to London will always depend on several things: it will depend on the likes and dislikes of the person, it will depend on the most famous landmarks that define London city and eventually it will depend on the number of days that one will be spending there.

There are 10 free things to do in London when you are running out of money or if you are just considering the free things that could be done. Here is the list:

10 – The Tower Bridge: the Tower Bridge is one of the different things that define the city of London, once one gets to plan a visit to London, this becomes one of the initial things they consider visiting because they believe it is from the top attractions. Actually one could enter the Tower Bridge, but since we are talking about the free things then walking on it will be the thing to consider.

9 – Visiting St. James’s Park: there are lots of parks in London that we could recommend for people to visit, but one of the most famous is St. James’s Park and this allows visitors to come inside and have a walk through for free, without paying any entrance fees, so this would be another suggestion we would provide (

8 – The Scenery of Big Ben: if you ask any person travelling to London about the top scenes that he/she wants to visit and which he/she considers the top, he/she will definitely answer that Big Ben is definitely one of the top attractions in the city that define London. Walking around Big Ben, taking photos and enjoying the scenery is another free thing to enjoy (

7 – Explore the Parliament Square: adding to those previous suggestions, there are still other important free places which we should suggest in London, such as the Parliament Square where Churchill statue and other ones are located and where people enjoy taking several photos there, which is also next to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (

6 – Walking through the Greenery Kensington Gardens: Kensington Garden is famous for several reasons, it is famous for the Albert Memorial that is placed inside ( as well as for the Kensington Palace which is located inside ( and for one to come inside and walk across this greenery, they will be allowed to do so for free ( This is also located next to Buckingham Palace which people could visit and check when they are done.

5 – Taking a Walk around Hyde Park: through all the different parks that are located in London, Hyde Park is known to be the most famous for being big, having different restaurants for one to eat at and at the same time for enjoying siting by the lake inside. You could enter this park for free and enjoy a walk there (

4 – Visit Buckingham Palace: it is not just about seeing the Royal Palace where the Royal Family is residing, but it is also about checking the fountain in front of it and at the same time visiting during the change of the guards, which is very interesting to watch (

3 – The Supreme Court: this might not be an interesting place for all the tourists, but it is definitely one that some will consider checking to see these rooms in real instead of always getting to see them in the pictures or just imagine how they look like in real.

2 – Visit the Tate Modern: this is an old art museum that gives tourists and visitors the chance to come inside and check the different pieces of art for free and thus it is definitely one of the several suggestions which we will give for all those looking for free things to do in London (

1 – Walking Along the South Bank: coming to the top free attractions from our point of view, we will tell that the South Bank is the place to be and check all the art, the culture and even the food places that one could enjoy in this area. This is definitely one of the best places in the city and it is also where London Eye is situated (

These are the top 10 free things to do in London which we recommend for those who are going to visit the city soon and we believe that they are from the most interesting and they are always considered the most famous.

Have you ever been to any of these places before?

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