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Top 10 New Mexico follow up and TV News Spot w/ Allison Martinez


Top 10 New Mexico follow up and TV News Spot w/ Allison Martinez


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  1. SEANJOHN 92663 says

    Should I type something??? I feel like I should….Glad your channel is doing so well… take care of yourself and each other…

  2. Christ Follower says

    Where's the link?

  3. Sebastian Howard says

    Thats awesome man. Love your content.

  4. Michael Gallegos says

    Here’s a few good things as an Albuquerque resident: low cost of living, beautiful scenery, food. Not too sure what else

  5. Jim Brewer says

    Bro', they just don't get it in Philly, no sense of humor. You just keep on keeping on

  6. Scott Glensky says

    I'm from Philly. Our media are dicks. Sorry.

  7. ACR-_-ROGUE says

    I can tell you got some what of a shoe collection in your background😂😂🔥

  8. Matthew Mirowski says

    Man, I haven't watched your videos in a while, what's wrong with me? Time for some binge watching!

  9. El Rey Libra says

    Can't wait to see you future videos.

  10. West River SD Storm Chase says

    That's cool that they want to use your video. I think New Mexico's natural beauty, biodiversity and it's 'monsoon' thunderstorm season are the only thing it's really got going for it. Can't wait to go there someday for storm chasing!

  11. The Observer says

    Can't wait to see the Top 10 reasons to move to Albuquerque (Hint: Allison Martinez is No. 1!)

  12. Scott S. says

    Hey Briggs, I really enjoy your videos, thanks!Albuquerque is one of the only places where you can ski in the morning (Sandia Peak), and then go into town and play a round of golf in the afternoon wearing short sleeves. Yes the weather is that amazing. Oh, and the tram is very cool as well.

  13. Bill Flaherty says

    That's very cool. I love your videos and I was happy when you did Wisconsin (I'm from Wi). I'm glad a TV channel found your video and ran with it. Hopefully you'll get more subscribers from the news spot. Keep up the good work.

  14. Puppy Cuteness says

    Awesome video! Love your channel Briggs! 😀

  15. Thomas Mace says

    I thought you were totally fair with NM. It's a beautiful state with a ton of problems. But i love visiting from neighboring Colorado.

  16. Dregs says

    you can call me a human rat lol

  17. za sandfan says

    Oklahoma please?

  18. Stephanie Cantu says

    I hope your channel keeps growing !

  19. Bob says

    You have a great voice! I wasn't expecting you to be a bald guy. A bit of a shock, oh well. Sharp glasses, I like them

  20. AngryBuster 27 says

    Do Delaware next

  21. Alex Ghossein says

    Hey how can I find the Philly news clip? It's awesome seeing your content hit the news.

  22. abe frohman says

    Positive side to Albuquerque 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  23. Jeffrey Reardon says

    Lol, you still get a buzz and wear BCG

  24. uchechi mathew says

    North Carolina next…. all the same I love ur Videos

  25. GimmieTheGaff says

    I’m not from America. I’ve followed you for some time. You are a great delight. You are whimsical, polite and of great import. We need more people like you. Thank you.
    No need to respond, just keep doing what you are doing.

  26. Ron Lanzo says

    And Philly sports fans, say no more!

  27. padistedor says

    Did you use her face for clickbait?

  28. Clarence Boddicker says

    modern day journalism would be nowhere without youtube or reddit

  29. tolpacourt says

    LoL! The local MSM is so pathetic . . . everywhere.

  30. Calsatsu says

    As a resident of Philadelphia I would like to say if you can't take the heat get the f*** out of Philly!
    We're mean we're rude and that's the way we like it!

  31. The Last Drive-In Screen #2 says

    Albuquerque is absolute hell on earth.

  32. moonlighter6 says

    AWESOME Briggs! But ALBUQUERQUE is the Best of New Mexico.

  33. David Pierce says

    😂 😂 😂

  34. q455frodomar says

    Do best towns in Georgia!

  35. Mark Vine says

    It was great to see that your video was taken as constructive criticism. A lot of places would not have as pleasant about highlighting their problems. Great work Briggs.

  36. Miroslav Mushkov says

    Brigg's got a crush

  37. Deborah Gray says

    Be sure to visit El Pinto Resturant in Corrales Nice town. When you go to Albuquerque. Great food !

  38. Peter Rafeiner says

    Hey, nice to see the face responsible for the funny voice overs! Love your channel!

  39. Buttercuppy says

    Awww well I'm sorry SOME of them had their feelings hurt, but I'm thrilled most of them could admit failings. You were dead on with my state's issues! I'm more thrilled your name is out there! Congrats man!

  40. Chosen One says


  41. Robert White says

    krqe is also the fox affilate

  42. Gerald Martinez says

    Appreciate the good comments about New Mexico and Albuquerque. You're the Man!

  43. Russ Fortney says

    Nice going Mr. Briggs! I think it's funny about people that get uptight, "how dare you!" Your first videos were about the city you and I live and work in! By the way, miss working with ya. I know I was a pain in the ass there. 🙂

  44. ourhousetx says

    We used to live just north of Albuquuerque in Rio Rancho. We fell in love with New Mexico. We had to move but have already bought a little place in Las Cruces for when we are ready to retire.

  45. maskedavenger777 says

    I found out that Matilda closed her restaurant in 2011. It was located in Espanola, NM, and it was called Matilda's. There is a place called La Cocina in Espanola; it's good food but it is not as good as Matildas. If you have to try something called stuffed sopapillas- a puffed up tortilla with meat, beans, cheese and chile inside of it. The Frontier Restaurant(Albuquerque, NM) makes some good Mexican dishes, but you can probably find better Mexican food than the Frontier. And don't forget the flan for dessert.

  46. 00smg1978 says

    Well done. Glad to see such success for you, unless you feel the new work load as troublesome, if that's the case, i suggest you take a kook at your business plan and redefine objectives, especially ones that require you to "pay for help". I want to help you because your channel has such good content. I am sure others here are pulling for you as much as i am. You are doing a great job.

  47. blipco5 says

    You should have way more subscribers. I think your content is fun yet interesting and informative but, unfortunately, if you did Top 10 or Worse 10 things about a certain video game you would have ten times the subscribers. That's life.

  48. blipco5 says

    You should have way more subscribers. I think your content is fun yet interesting and informative but, unfortunately, if you did Top 10 or Worse 10 things about a certain video game you would have ten times the subscribers. That's life.

  49. blipco5 says

    OK Briggs, I just watched the news story and I know why you're going back to Albuquerque. Can't says I blame ya'.

  50. [myst]goldwolfgamer888x says

    I love New Mexico but your criticism were completely fair

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