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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Connecticut. Hartford made another list.


Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Connecticut. Hartford made another list.

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  1. Jean Batchelor says

    CTs issues started long before Gov. Malloy, it wasnt exactly that great before him. -signed a former CT resident

  2. Emma D says

    There’s some pretty towns in the more upstate part, but Fairfield county sucks

  3. Cassady Noelle says

    To be honest it kinda depends where in Connecticut. It’s either quiet and uneventful or full of crime. I live in the quiet part but you don’t have to go far at all to see the crime and drugs and scams

  4. steve b says

    Somehow ( i still can't figure out why) the ILLEGAL ALIENS moving IN are not included in your totals. Real head scratcher.

  5. Unique 360 says

    I'm from Connecticut, and still reside here. His facts aren't right at all. And his friend from new Haven must have never left her neighborhood. Other than high taxes and our governor, it's not a bad state with nothing going on or going for it.

  6. Lord Venger says

    Ha there's 11 it's where Darksydephil is from lolz

  7. Gina Carter says

    Wow thanks was thinking seriously about moving to Connecticut so thanks for saving me 👍🏽

  8. Christine Rossi says

    1 more year and I am gone….

  9. Lukas says

    The culture thing is totally not true, at least where I live in Ct, the border of fairfield and litchfield counties. There aren't even fast food, or drive thru's allowed in my town so independent shops are all we have, (besides one starbucks) but we've got plenty of small coffee shops too. That being said, I live in the richer area of Ct which is basically the entire far western side and never really venture to eastern ct. Also, connecticut is absolutely filled with beautiful parks and nature reserves and theres also a hiking trail within 5 minutes no matter where you are, so saying theres nothing to do isn't true. That being said, I could not be more excited to get out of here in two years.

  10. Micaela Unicorn says

    Connecticut is amazing! I love it!

  11. Aryanna Morris says

    I live in CT and this video makes me so sad because I’m not moving anytime soon.

  12. Destiny Of6 says

    I lived in CT for 15 years and it SUCKED! There is absolutely nothing to do, no fun to be had, no personality! fortunately, I lived in a more well-to-do town, west hartford, which ironically is 10x better off than Hartford. the disparity is real! Also don't even think about starting a business here because the taxes are insane…

    I live in MA now and I never realized how terribly snobby, cold, and indifferent people from CT are until I moved. But it is probably because they are so miserable living there… trust me, I'd know. I just couldn't wait to escape.

  13. Lisa Almeida says

    Unless you're rich forget about living here. I'm going to save up to get the hell out of here.

  14. Clifford Burns says

    I live in CT and you missed a lot of other reasons including crime, a new casino, traffic and passing a plan to reinstall tolls on all highways, ect. The list goes on.

  15. Steven Morton says

    I've lived in Connecticut for almost all of my 66 years. Except for military times. You have hit the nail on the head. Government in this state is a horror story. The people that are elected have to be on the take. And it has been proven more than once in resent history. Governor went to jail, etc. Many people crashed state cars while drunk. Many of the roads are in total disrepair. Taxes are rediculus, and where is the money going?? The first thing that gets cut is schools, then roads, teachers, etc. I could go on and on but it's just too disgraceful to. I'm all for a policy of any government person only gets paid for what they do, what they don't do they get cut.

  16. Troy Leong says

    Hey Briggs……I've lived in Connecticut since I was born……that's 46 years so far……and I can add one thing to your list here. RUDE ASS PEOPLE!!!!!! There are soooooo many rude people in Connecticut it's not even funny. I'm sure I'll get some backlash about this…..but I've been south (South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia) and people were soooooo nice…..and not rude. Totally unlike Connecticut. Thanks for these videos….just had to add that. 🙂

  17. Miz Melizmatik says

    I love/hate this video. I'm CT born and raised. Ive lived in 2 other states and happily returned. I plan to raise my future family and be buried in CT. That said, every single one of your reasons why not to move to this state are way too broad from a too narrow perspective to be 100% true for everyone or even a majority of people. People socialize everyday, everywhere. And just because all you notice or know is big box places doesn't mean there aren't plenty and I mean plenty of artsy, mom & pop shops offering unique quality. There is also plenty of activity and recreation to involve yourself in around the state and nearby. But I digress, what I love about this video is the message. Yeah, if you aren't from here or have strong roots here DON'T MOVE HERE! If it deters enough outsiders from moving here whether any of it is true or not, then I'm not really mad at it. As a matter of fact, I thumbs it up. 😁

  18. Ryan Welch says

    I’ll have you know that we got ONE full day of sunshine… sometime… last month maybe?

  19. Danielle Lenn says

    Connecticut has vampires, check out the Jewett City Vampire family

  20. Cameron Parson says

    Ayyy my state

  21. Walter White says

    Connecticut is the richest state

  22. Simply Sharon says

    I live in Stamford and some of this stuff is untrue

  23. Jim Cyr says

    I left over the high taxes and infestations of puerto ricans . Best thing i ever did was leave

  24. John Smith says

    Honestly this whole state is so dull, as said, there is soo little things to do here and if you ever actually want to do something you got to drive at least an hour or go out of state, when it comes to jobs and school everything is just a rush while true in many places in America it’s especially true here. There’s just too many social and academic expectations that keep people from being able to enjoy their lives here. I know so many people from high school who have gone through depression at one point or another myself included. If you’re seriously considering moving here, don’t because you can have a far better life even in the states that border us

  25. Shell Chenonceau says

    A dog's mind is a terrible thing to waste….

  26. Chillin Dude says

    hes giving us the works

  27. Wildtiger247 says

    Honestly I lived in Connecticut the only problem is there nothing to do

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