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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Illinois. And yes, Chicago is on the list.


Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Illinois. And yes, Chicago is on the list.
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  1. World According To Briggs says

    I thought it would take longer but, Yes that is Springfield, MA at the end of the video. I wanted to see if people pay attention at the end of a video. Good job.

  2. Delano Teruel says

    To bad I live here

  3. Byrd IsDaWord says

    I will always love my city but it's time to move around. Violence, high ass cost of living….time to go

  4. Club Soda says

    Good video. Just remember to avoid jokes because your jokes are weak

  5. Alaysha Chavez says

    I think this is just mean I am a chicagoan

  6. SAIGON 67 says

    Bro this offended me by the title because I live in Illinois

  7. SAIGON 67 says

    Nvm now I see the reasons why so maybe I should get the hell outta HERE

  8. iamkitten says

    As a girl that was born and raised in chicago lemme tell you. It ain't that bad here. Besides the crime, its really not that bad. I'd say that the worst part to live in is the south side. My family isnt poor, but not rich. Depending on what you do, you can actually make a really good living. Chicago isnt a warzone and it really is a beautiful city.

  9. ricardo lopez says

    lol if you are white you dont even have to worry about the violence or gangmembers thts going on in chicago lol just dont get caugth lacking nd get robbed lol

  10. Louis Emordi says


  11. Alisher Alimov says

    Chicago Illinois is the best State and City ever!

  12. The Exotic Beast TM says

    Where my chicago niggas at

  13. Thomas's Life says

    We are the best state in the country, Chicago is amazing and we may be broke and getting murdered but most of us just suck it up and live through it

  14. logan lerner says

    thanks I live in chi I fucking hate it

  15. kanto_cooper says

    I live in peoria and i love illinois but its always grey and rainy here but the food is good so im good

  16. Acee Vee says

    Yea right but they keep developing shit here . I'm not trying to hear it

  17. Kevin Sorare says

    My poor city 🙁 I had to leave to escape the violence on my block

  18. James Campbell says

    High paying, highly productive work is rapidly being created in the Chicagoland area. Lower paying, lower skilled work is being priced out at a higher rate per capita. The situation looks worse than it is.

  19. Aniyah Nation says

    I live in that state so shut up

  20. Metra MP36 407 says

    Yeah, maybe some things need to improve, but Chicago is my home. I grew up on the South Side and currently live in unpleasant suburban Northwest Indiana. When I get my own house, I'm moving back. And I know what's coming, I know what to expect.

  21. Baku says

    What is that mill at the begging of the video. I see it everywherey

  22. jeff says

    Some of the most snooty yet vapid people you'll ever meet in your life.

  23. Drew Edwards says

    Champaign Urbana isn't thattttt bad, but it still SUCKS!!! So ready to get outta here!

  24. Al Clay says

    "Our state sucks, but we're gonna tax you like it doesn't". Lost it. Can I borrow this for a bumper sticker?
    Living in Chicago now and the thing that's beyond me is my friends think the best way to solve things like traffic and guns is to tax even more. I completely don't get it. They love the taxes and regulations on everything. I don't know of any other place where the state and county and city taxes you for buying a car, and then the city taxes you again to park it, but they all agree its necessary even though they don't know where the money goes.
    I came from Texas though where the whole state has like 3 pages of rules, and one of them is dedicated to watching football every sunday and proper BBQ techniques. Chicago however has 3 pages of rules on street parking alone.

  25. dianac aco says

    I lived in Chicago for 5 years, I absolutely love it. Best 5 years of my life.

  26. Cal lem says

    Gone 26 out of my 53 yrs, now I want out of Indy too.

  27. Mitchell Seidl says

    Bro I can't wait to leave Chicago, the ONLY good thing is the food, and the cubs. Other than that it's horrible

  28. Emmz says

    I just moved out of chicago lol

  29. Charlotte Sykes says

    Tennessee here I come! Lol

  30. Andrea Videos says

    lmao i watched this even tho i live in illinois 😭

  31. Cami Wroble says

    What the heck I love Chicago so much I would never move anywhere else.

  32. Joey Saylor says

    I go to Chicago often, my favorite place to visit. A couple months ago when I was there, someone who lives in a very high rent area mentioned how so many of his neighbors are moving to other states. Reason? Taxes. I can understand it really. The sales tax there is unreal at over 11%. When I bought a ticket to a Cubs game, there were 3 types of taxes on it. Even when I find a great rate on a hotel, say around $100 (Hotwire folks), another $25-30 gets added in taxes and fees. Bottom line, while I love to visit I have doubts about ever living there unless I would be making a six figure income.

  33. Randall. Richardson says

    I grew up there also, I remember going to grammar school in the 1960's I would come home from school with a bloody nose or swollen lip my mom told me to wait every day until my brother who was almost 4 years older to pick me up from my school, one day he didn't show up because some of the boys his age had him up upside the hallway wall by the collar, but I remember finding an old rusty pocket knife in the dirt on the ground one day, I took it home and cleaned it up, I never told my mom I had it, I carried it in my pocket to school every day thinking about the time walking home from school and hit in the mouth with brass knuckles, however the day came when I had to use that old rusty knife when approached by a bad ass and threatened, I always kept it opened in my pocket ready for use, Chicago has gotten much worse since those days, my wife and I raised 3 daughters there, the're all grown up now , and they had a gang of girls who wanted to fight them all the time, my wife said she had enough of this sh*t so in 2006 we moved to her home town in Mississippi.

  34. J Scott Upton says

    I live in Indiana and visit Chicago for the good stuff…museums, etc.

  35. Randall. Richardson says

    Young black men and teenage boys now have to pack a pistol that is if they want to stay alive, and if they're afraid to do so , Lord have mercy on them and be with them every day of their life.

  36. Demeisha Stewart says

    it's bad every where!!!!!! not just in Chicago. it's bad every where in the world. I watch the news the other day and some people shoot up a child's birthday party in Arora. I say that to say this every where I bad not just Chicago

  37. Demeisha Stewart says

    it's bad in new York also

  38. Demeisha Stewart says

    they kill people and shoot people in new York

  39. Maria G Alvarez says

    I live in Illinois and it is awesome

  40. Demeisha Stewart says

    I swear people need to watch the news because any where u go in the world it's going to be some type of problem

  41. Tom Smith says

    #1… shitcago!

  42. Leo Alvarez says

    No, its that all other states are jealous

  43. Joaquin Rangel says

    In my area it's pretty bad but it's good

  44. Glyce Mitchell says

    I don’t know about other people but I think Chicago is a good place to live. I guess it’s just the way you adapt to it. I lived here for my whole entire life in South Shore. But the taxes and government is true though.

  45. Crash It says

    Your statement about the roads is inaccurate. Only about 18% of the state maintained roads here in Illinois are in poor or mediocre condition. According to the 6 year plan that I DOT recently released, they plan to bring that down to just 7%. The current amount is better than the national average (25%) and better than some of it's bordering states like WI (42%), IN (28%) and MO (26%). I've yet to find a road in Illinois that's crappy for more than 3 miles, can't say the same for IN and WI even though IN seems to be working on it. Also in other states such as Indiana, income taxes are also taken at the county level, so although one may appear to pay less in state taxes. Because the counties take taxes as well, one pretty much breaks even.

  46. Abby Worley says

    We have the cubs soooooo

  47. Suck my Ass says

    I live in Illinois and it sucks

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