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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Mississippi. The poverty leading state.


Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Mississippi. The poverty leading state.

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  1. Mr. White says

    You ignore a pretty significant elephant in the room. Demographics.

  2. Mike 2009 says

    Really make fun of my school mean

  3. Shoney Carpenter says

    Drove through Jackson Mississippi and I've never seen so many potholes in a state capital

  4. Jessie M says

    I just got back from Mississippi two days ago after visiting family and going to a family reunion. (I'm from Michigan – the Mississippi of the north) So much of it's true. The pests should be #1 because I had about 10-12 mosquito bites the first day I got there and they were aligned on my back like bed bugs. I've been stung by fire ants before…not fun. My mom saw a rat at my aunt's house and they acted like it was a pet. But the food is so good there I probably gained 5 pounds myself. Gas stations sell the best chicken and fish ever!! A lot of people there is sadly uneducated and poor. However 9/10 of the folks we encountered were respectful, overly polite, and patient – you'll never find that in your "desirable" areas. I would never move to Mississippi but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  5. Hunter Callahan says

    You need to get your stuff right before you start saying stuff about Mississippi. People driving in tractors have a real job bruh. There not sitting behind a computer like you are. There actually make money for there family. An people that are big were fed right. An teen pregnancy?? Well they should've wrapped it up.

  6. Caden_Carroll says

    I live in Mississippi and hate it we conntry down here

  7. charles, jeremy quick says

    I was born in the sip, been here 34 years, I will die here, there is no place on earth I’d rather be than Mississippi. We have woods, fields, and wildlife, and the poverty thing in our state is known to be self inflicted, my household is 6 figures a year. It’s all what your idea f heaven is, and I’m a country boy. I have a farm in coldwater. Would not leave my state for millions.

  8. charles, jeremy quick says

    Also let me add, all these horrible things in the news are not from Mississippi, we have open carry laws, and right to use deadly force laws, idiots know they’re dead if they’re caught fuckin up. It’s been very effective. Keep laughing morons

  9. Jerry Powell says

    Thanks youtub for drawing a line through my comment, you suck, too.

  10. Mark Verucchi says

    This is the most ignorant biased video I have ever seen.

  11. James Stripling says

    If you dont like seeing White Girls flock to Black Boys make it number 11 just saying

  12. Yvonne Tillman says

    don't knock it before you try it. Every state has it's good and bad. But you only spoke on the bad things. Now SPEAK on the good things here in Mississippi. Good place to race children, good place to retire. the food is off the change. crime rate is not high. people are a whole lot friendly.

  13. Drake Slocum says

    I live in Mississippi

  14. Brucifer Mephistopheles says

    Sounds like the Rethuglicans are doing their job!

  15. AnimeWarrior Pharaoh says

    Do 10 reasons not to move to columbus ga

  16. Fire Baller says

    Hey I live in Mississippi and the education is bad since I’m 14 and most of this is right

  17. Colby Fason says

    We grow a lot of our own food and raise our own cattle which means we don't need to make as much $.

  18. Dj KENDRICK says

    Look I live in Mississippi. We never had a hurricane and only get tornados if a storm is real bad . This Video is nothing but lies

  19. Jeff Lewis says

    Check your family tree probably got some roots here

  20. licmy2 says

    Sounds more like Oklahoma.

  21. tonyrome648 says

    Damn Confederate lo vers.

  22. • CrystalWarrior • says

    But I live in Mississppi

  23. Ron Carpenter says

    How come no mention of the politicians and the influence of lunatic religion?

  24. Noraa's HALO says

    I was born here

  25. Darrin Ros says

    I guess you guys have never been to Pascagoula, Ocean Springs or Biloxi.. It is as gorgeous as you an imagine on the beach with casinos, restaurants, and beautiful Islands. My father and grandfather were Mayors and city managers. Go see it before you talk smack.

  26. Tracy Drennan says

    Love my State , and I’m well educated . Lived around the country and abroad … Better than hundreds of other places I’ve lived and visited .

  27. Clay Coates says

    Hay this place is far better then California
    keep it quiet we do not need to have any
    of those Foreigners from California to come
    here to Mississippi a good place to retire

  28. Jake J says

    Wow, I live in Mississippi, boi ._.

  29. Christopher Kupetz says

    So Bama isn't the armpit of America ?? 😂😂😂

  30. 64bitmad says

    Mississippi has changed and people need to give it a second chance.

  31. Ethan Hammond says

    Hey now you talk good about Mississippi! And you need to talk good about the durn south!

  32. Ethan Hammond says

    I wake up everyday, so glad to be southern. Can't imagine the shitty lives y'all have in other places lol talking so loud at each other. And they are all pasty white up north they stay in there little buildings in the citayyy all day.

  33. Ethan Hammond says

    Damn Yankee narrator

  34. Christy Hammond says

    You should talk about the good things about Mississippi !

  35. John Vance says

    Having grown up in a small town outside of Jackson and traveled around the country and world, I can honestly say that Mississippi is the absolute best kept secret in all of the U.S. The landscapes are amazing, the people here are genuinely nice and loveing, the climate isn’t actually that bad as we get rain every evening basically so it doesn’t get too hot, and I could go on and on. Mississippi is the poorest state because it never got the help it needed after the civil war, and was just left there to pick itself up or rot. Our state is about to boom though. I can tell as my town has grown from 4,000 people to 6,000 people in the last 4 years.

  36. Will Buras says

    If you say Missippi one more time…..

  37. PrincessKLS says

    I think Mississippi is an abstience only education state so that could explain the teen pregnancy birthrate

  38. Coxe Property Management and Leasing says

    Mississippi beats the hell out of new orleans hands down.

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