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Top 10 reasons to move to Atlanta, GA. Watch till the end learn how to win a Amazon Card.


Top 10 reasons to move to Atlanta, GA. Watch till the end learn how to win an Amazon Card. This is my 3rd video in my Atlanta series.

new channel: Win a $25 Amazon gift card every month.

Thanks for stopping by The channel, my name is Briggs and I make lists. Not just lists of random stuff, I make them about places in the United States (Canada soon as well). I will show you where to live and where not to live. I will tell you where to stay away from and where it is relatively safe to visit. I post once a week and sometimes twice, so please subscribe and enjoy.


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  1. Isaiah thug Thomas says

    Can you do Charlotte and Jacksonville fl?

  2. Anew-Wiseman says

    About sports. Just don't wear a Saints or Patriots Jersey. The Hate is Real.

  3. brandon hardman says

    I'm from Atlanta. Decatur to be exact I'm a black man in my 30s I was born in Grady Hospital that's in the middle of the city so you had it right on the reasons why not to move to Atlanta in your previous video people from Atlanta do identify about where you was born if you wasn't born in the loop of the 285.Grady hospital has been around since Martin Luther King days so if you really from Atlanta whether it's North Side South Side West side or east side if you wasn't born downtown Atlanta you're not from Atlanta you're from the outskirts of Atlanta as we call it and it does get cold down here you going to need more than just a jacket early January to March it's freezing we do get ice and snow it maybe light ice and light snow but we do get it

  4. mark korlesky says

    Do a negative / positive on Bend OR

  5. Truthchaser says

    Women! The main reason to move to Atlanta is the gorgeous women.

  6. steven hamlin says

    You should do a series on Nashville next.

  7. Ryan Haynes says

    Something you left out of the reasons about atlanta videos. THE COPS! DO NOT I REAPEAT DO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH GEORGIA LAW ENFORCEMENT! they will arrest you for anything. And I mean anything. Fuck I got arrested for walking .2 miles home from the bar. Reason drunk in public. It was not even late it was 9pm on a friday. My buddy got a dui on a bicycle. Do what ever you can to avoid atlanta cops. There not bad people and they are less likely to kill you. Just whoop your ass and make a dave chepelle skit seem more real then fake.

  8. Bextar636 says

    Grrrrr-8 place to live, if you are black or gay, or both………


    "Wear a condom while in Atlanta" what kind of stupid ass advice is that. Like you can fuck raw in Florida with no problem. Dumb ass…

  10. mercedes grier says

    I love u I swear u know ATLANTA I’m from Spain I have been here seen 89 and yes I married a Grady baby lol keep doing this video I’ve never like anyone video but u he 2 👍🏽👍🏽 love it

  11. AgarDevil says

    Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Orlando?
    Number 1 should be road construction

  12. Carbeeezy says

    Lived in Atlanta my whole life. World of coke is here. GA aquarium and stuff like that. Stoner mountain is great too. I dont know about the rest of the country but the girls are southern cute bells here. They look hot on the outside but are batshit cray on the inside. Also the burbs are great to raise a family. Oh and ATL United!!

  13. Lakia Taylor says

    Please let me know the next time you're going to Edgewood!!!

  14. Lakia Taylor says

    P.S.- The Varsity is digusting…

  15. roblox daily says

    You should have said Atlanta United… We are here roady and proud

  16. Hype Tv says

    Atlanta is rich in culture.

  17. Richard A Pico says

    here in San Mateo CA, 16 miles south of San Francisco, my rent is a whopping $900. rent has to be cheaper there in Atlanta.

  18. Richard A Pico says

    what??? no age restriction? unheard of in the golden state of CA…

  19. Ma Nam Jeff says

    You should really do a couple Canadian videos. You could find a lot for for small towns and university towns

  20. Jodes G says

    Great food options and low cost of living

  21. Osafa I. says

    Has anyone ever told you that you kinda sound like Sheldon Cooper?

  22. Brandon Trotter says

    Plan on Visiting for the 4th of July can't wait

  23. Kevin Fields says

    I love this video!

  24. christopher rodriguez says

    It still gets really cold

  25. christopher rodriguez says


  26. Club Soda says

    You know everything

  27. Dragon Smoke says

    Do Austin,TX

  28. Merrick Theobald says

    Atlanta > your city, and that’s a fact y’all

  29. Mr Lane Sir says

    Great job Mr Briggs. I would like to go back to Atlanta soon. Been over 20 years since I’ve been there. They used to have Turner Field which is now a college football stadium. The new home of the Braves is called SunTrust Park. Great job with the videos. Looking forward to more of them over time. Go Braves!!!!

  30. Maestro Prodigy says

    Lets clear the air that dancers have to be at least 18 in any strip club

  31. Mel S says

    Atlanta traffic is upsetting. Im biased because im a native so i remember the times of old, pre summer olympics. Atlanta has settled into catering to a very specific demographic. Move outside of 285 and go inside on the weekends.

  32. Rud Dee says


  33. Sarah says

    Do a video on the best and worst places to live in Montana please

  34. Sarah says

    I love your videos😁

  35. Anthony Archie says

    Excellent video bro it’s on point I’m from LA moved to Little Rock and now live in Atlanta well Douglasville but I luv it here

  36. LIL ABNER says

    Cool beans..

  37. Kovačević Dobrina says

    This is the most boring city in America. No Real natural attractions. MLK this MLK that. Bla bla bla. But It’s a party town and great business town. Good food. We don’t need anymore of you Liberal nut jobs moving here. You will only destroy it like the West Coast. The reason they don’t teach anymore is because of your Liberal Masters infiltrating the curriculum. Wake up!!

  38. Bryan Jackson says

    Born & raised near Atlanta and the heat is miserable and oppressive!

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