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Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Atlanta. Not all are dangerous.


Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Atlanta. Not all are dangerous.

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  1. Slimdulla87 says

    This dude is over exaggerating. He's picking some of the worst houses in other areas and using it as visual of how Atlanta look like. If you go to Atlanta I bet you won't see these houses like that. Yes you got bad areas but this dude is taken VERY small pockets and making it the whole area.

  2. Anínesah Rodriguez says

    Cascade Heights isn't bad! It's full of working class people. There are doctors, educators etc that live in Cascade Heights.

  3. GORILLA KING says

    you don't know atlanta! don't do a video if you have never lived here! This video is a disrespect to my city!

  4. Kitty Franko says

    He would point out all the urban areas. College Park & Vine City, should've made the list, but The Mercedes Benz staduim in Vine City, prob why he didn't list it. Smh

  5. B Watson says

    Have u actually been in these places, stop going off of stats

  6. Michie Mitch says

    I can tell you not from Atlanta, because the real places that shoulda made the cut didn’t ‼️ the places you name isn’t even that bad tbh

  7. Jaron Arnold says

    Hell how did Riverdale miss the list wait how did fayetteville miss the list lmao

  8. sonofyah2726 says

    REDLINING : Real Estate Industrial Complex….Amurderca in its absolute Hostile government policies. ….Each year make Available $ 21 Billion, Of Extremely Low Interest Lones To Caucasoids People under illusion there WHITE but are Red Edomites ….. Too build & maintain there Nieborhoods…..even the lone informer caucasoid that lives in the Black Nieborhoods with the nicest house on the block, (Sounds Familiar What I'm talking About ?) AMURDERCA Land Of Hypocrisy & Deception !!! Remember Tulsa Oklahoma 1921 Caucasoid Devil Jealousy Killed Our People & Destroyed The Most Productive City in AMURDERCA … Tulsa Was A Black Owed & Operated Mellaninated City…..Thus Beginning this Diabolical process of RED LINING…. Amurderca is Falling & Won't get back up …. Time of the Heathens Caucasoids are almost Ending Forever Hallaluyah !!!

  9. dejen mengistu says

    Crime Rate calculation is inaccurate where place where minorities and immigrants are living. Two black people arrested just because they are black in Starbucks. There are many incidents like that. Police and criminal system in America is broke. Favor one American over other. That is why crime rate so high where minority people living. THEREFORE I DO NOT THINK CRIME RATE PERCENTAGE ACCURATE. Please,Do not pictures good people as criminal without fixing root cause and broken Justice System in America.

  10. aree M says

    Thanks for the tips

  11. Mo Mohamed says

    Okay, but the food in West End is poppin.

  12. xll-LXve-DeXth-llx says

    Most boring cities in Virginia like herndon

  13. Michael Burks says


  14. SelinaSharday says

    This video looks like he is only showing boarded up homes/apt that no one has currently lived in for years there's a yellow no trespassing sign on those boarded up places. Where grass is overgrown. These places look like abandoned properties. and he is only showing these as representation of the whole city. I can tell this and I never been to these states.

  15. Cleatiss White says

    Aye Simpson Road-WESTSIDE-Zone 1 Rebels. I am a Class of 1998 Booker.T.Washing High Graduate. "Shawty"

  16. Guianna Inoa says

    If you're living in downtown, you almost always have a higher paying job, so the rent isn't that bad

  17. WHY YOU STUPID FM says

    Lol we don’t need anymore people here it’s overcrowded

  18. Roselyn King says

    Hmm, if only we would have been allowed to attend schools, receive adequate education, exposed to a variety of environments etc, etc.

    The can go on forever.
    It sounds redundant but it's true.
    And it does recycle over & over.
    It does make a huge difference.
    So if anyone's viewing this video.


  19. Roselyn King says

    Correction, the list & conversation can go on forever.

  20. Ben Smith says

    $1200.00. Lol. Try $1800.00 for 1 bedroom

  21. Gazzy Bishop says

    About 20-30 years ago Memorial Drive right off of I-285 near the Dekalb Co police department / jail used to be really nice- lots of restaurants, stores, shopping centers- now it's just hourly motels, pawn shops, murders, burglaries, rapes, drive by's, etc. I wouldn't drive down there now if you paid me. 😬 I grew up in a nice neighborhood a few miles from there.
    (I used to say that they should just plow it down and fence it off and let nature take it back over like it used to be. 😢)

  22. Hunter Cole says

    you know how many adair parks there are in atl lol

  23. Ojay Trump says


  24. Davon Da_God says

    I live in Hampton and it's horrible, way too quiet for me.

  25. Christopher Brady says

    Googled you way thru another vid I see,smh…its sad how inaccurate and outdated your information is about these cities…

  26. Brett Pierce says

    What about the bluff??

  27. Saleemah Cartwright says

    I have been living ing in ATL for 16 years and this list is so inaccurate. I have been in all of these neighborhoods. Obviously he has only done research online.

  28. Jst sayit says


  29. David M says


  30. Kayroc says

    Over exaggerating

  31. emmett Smith says

    Zon3 SoufSideShit 🔱🔱🔱

  32. emmett Smith says

    S/0 2 Da Bluff ❄️

  33. emmett Smith says


  34. Rhapsody Retirement Home says

    Didn’t see Riverdale old national union city

  35. Matt Perkins says

    Lmao that first grove park picture was taken right in front of my grandma house.

  36. Joy Tomorrow says

    Wow, grew up in Midtown area they all look scary.

  37. Valerie Stevens says

    Summary. Stay away from southwest Atlanta.

  38. NUTTY NORTH 916 says

    Do one on Oregon lol Douglas county

  39. Crystal Powell says

    The bluff/Simpset should be #1

  40. Nate Jennings says

    I've lived in Atlanta for almost 11 years. Bankhead and HE Holmes have been a rough areas for as long as I can remember. I lived in Oakland City (Sylvan Rd) for 4 years and it IS rough. They've been trying to gentrify southwest…with very mixed results.

  41. William Billups says

    I saw a lot of traps and stores I used to go to lol…

  42. TheKWA OGK says

    Im from from bouldercrst did they put zone 6 in

  43. Shedon Chambliss says

    come to new York in tape our worst neighborhood's in bring a lot of film lol

  44. Aay Jay says


  45. trevon hood says

    West End, Pittsburgh, and Mechanicsville?? That's maybe a 3 mile radius, the center of which is Castleberry Hills which was interestingly left out. Also the historic Washington Highschool is in West End, even though that school isn't the best in the A

  46. UcheChukwu zulu says

    You know it is amazing how you can say all these things about these cities and a lot of the poverty and things like that in these cities is because of no jobs all right four years Europeans of try to make or make black people depending upon them and when they do get dependent upon them then they snatch away everything and that's exactly what is happening in Atlanta there's no part of Atlanta that I haven't been or lived and right now the whole state of Georgia is bad and it's bad for only one reason in the state of Georgia you have this still have the good old boy syndrome going on half of the money including the governor himself when he was elected he was already $4000000 behind on some some Enterprise that he went on now how can a governor become a governor if you are already for me your knowledge behind black people wake up

  47. Wilford Fraser says

    Oh how informative. A video posted by a smug white guy in Oregon who, while bashing poor black neighbors uses the opportunity to bash people who are poor, people who can't find jobs, and people who didn't have life handed to them on a platter the way he did. For all the time we spend demonizing poor people, the hard truth is the biggest enemy of poor people in this country are members of the American middle class.

  48. ky malone says

    I'm from Oakland California chill out man if you want to buy a house here you better have a mill saved up

  49. Derrick Jackson says

    not tru

  50. YourMomShouldHaveLovedYouMore J says

    Decatur or buckhead mve there

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