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  1. TPMvids says

    CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST VIDEO! Top 10 Promposal Fails & Rejections

  2. Jack disberry says

    Jesus that last one they are like six

  3. Pearl the rebel says

    I wish someone recorded when Idina Menzel fell through that trapped door

  4. Sophia Gil says

    i'm leaving you mother fudger

  5. Violet Chainber says

    6:02 I feel like that kinda stuff always happens to me

  6. Alisa Beck says

    i just ask myself… who lets these kids with horrible singing voices in the show??

  7. Katrina Iceheart says

    We did legally blonde this past year at our high school. It was a trip and a half to say the least. I played Kate and I had to carry a crap ton of books during Elle's studying for Harvard and I was going onstage while some crew was coming offstage and I ran smack into one of the guys. I didn't fall but for a millisecond I wasn't sure what to do so I said to myself "what would Kate do?" So I stumbled a bit, rolled my eyes and hurried the rest of the way to the table I needed to be at. Afterward the guy and I were apologizing profusely at each other and decided on who goes in front of who when going on for the next two nights. I'm kinda sad we didn't get a recording of it. Thought during Warners solo at the start the poor guys mic didn't work and our auditorium is HUGE. And our ensemble is always uninterested in being ensemble so their choreography is always sucky (all I can say is I tried my best)

  8. Lady Natascha says

    Well, that's what I call a "Try Not To Cringe Challenge". Holy shit.

  9. Winter Kress-Russick says

    "I'm leaving you mother fudger!"
    -I lost it 😂😂

  10. Alicia Day says

    I'm probably going straight to hell, but at 1:35 when Peter Pan's wires wouldn't work and instead it was the girl playing Wendy that got thrown high up in the air I started laughing so hard I had tears. That poor actress would've been terrified to have suddenly shot up in the air like that unexpectedly, but that was freaking hilarious to watch!

  11. nuGGETS says

    The last one I was like "WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING?!?!"

  12. Anthony Rando says


  13. Melody Dyk says


  14. cthayer8888 says

    My uncle used to run a musical theater company and opening night of Anything Goes the brig (prison scene) didn't run right. The character is supposed to walk up to the bars and shake them complaining they were trapped, but the cell door didn't clasp right, so when he went to shake the bars the door just swung open. They guy (who was a family friend, we still bring this up and laugh about it) didn't miss a beat, the door swings open, he stops his monologue and just goes "Oh hey, this should probably be closed, let me get this for you" and he closed the door himself. The guy playing the guard was cracking up, he had to leave the stage.

  15. Davontà Crews says

    That scarface was disrespectful

  16. Micah Cohn says

    Why is the elle at 3:11 like 9 feet taller than everybody else

  17. Lumibear says

    "There's a note here somewhere and if I just keep singing I'll hit it eventually!"

  18. Christine C says

    I am crying over the Frozen and the Grease one 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Black Turtle says

    The fake blood one was hilarious

  20. raven drake says

    who gave the green light for scareface? not only that it's kids that are doing it what the hell was on the production mind.

  21. Lilly Sans says


  22. Joon Coren says

    The Scarface musical would be what Mr. G would put on from Summer Heights High

  23. Tionna ツ says

    This is literally a try not to cringe for theatre people 😂

  24. Willow Loy says

    I can't get over that Scarface was clearly an elementary school play omfg

  25. Jeffry Tito Saenz says

    Omg, the blooper at 04:05……I can't even 🤣🤣

  26. Gwen Sally says


  27. Lily Blue says

    My school has never done grease, as our main drama teacher HATES it with a passion.

  28. Alex Mamalian says

    2:39… did he say Legally Blind?

  29. MattzHd : says

    i died at the les mis

  30. David H says


  31. Equii Frey says

    The last one… OMG I wouldn’t let my child do that

  32. Retro80sMan says

    That Scarface clip was kind of cute

  33. Mikayla Elizabeth says

    The Scarface one killed me

  34. Edward Scott says

    died a litte with the casting

  35. Scribble! says

    Y O U S O N O F A B E E

  36. Amelia's Channel says

    Oh my god, what the hell happened with the blood thing? Was she in pain?

  37. Tessa Hultin says

    i lost it at the eponine one! XD

  38. Purp13luver says

    So just to clarify the legally blonde ones are from a this YouTube vid that is a compilation of clips of really bad performances of legally blonde. It’s supposed to be a gag thing lol. Look up red room productions legally blonde it’s the greatest thing ever 😭😭

  39. Desperado TX says

    Damn Peter Pan turned into the conjuring.

  40. FunTimes says

    God damn it I hope we sing like that when we do les miserables

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