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Top 5 Things to do in Provo Utah: Traveling with Kids


Visiting Provo, Utah: hiking to the Bridal Veil Falls, checking out BYU Museum of Art, Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Crandall Historical Printing Museum, and making soap at The Soap Factory.

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  1. Todd Hata says

    So much great stuff for the kids to learn about there. That's cool they got to see how books are made, and making soap looks fun!

  2. Fly Drive Explore says

    Lots of great things to do, the soap making looks good fun and useful too. We're going back to the US next month but staying on the east coast this time.

  3. JCTV - Family Vlog says

    Did they follow the leaf down the creek? As a kid, I loved doing that.

  4. Renata Pereira says

    That's so cute how excited they were at the soap factory! My inner kid would be loving that too!

  5. Sou Sou's World says

    That liquid metal looks really cool and the ink balls are my favorite

  6. WhenTwoWander says

    Brother loves his noodles! Cute video once again, the kids have more charisma than a lot of vloggers!

  7. Danielle Muntain says

    Omg amazing video! you boys are seriously the cutest!

  8. Mommy Mirjana says

    Nice museum! I like playing hop scotch too! 🙂 The ink procedure was pretty cool!

  9. FlashKidsClub - A Family Friendly Channel says

    The soap museum looks awesome!! All of it does actually but the soap museum looks really fun!!


    We love the idea of travel vlogs for kids 🙂

  11. BangsBucketList says

    I wonder how long it took them to print the news during those days. Having seen the process, I appreciate technology even more now 🙂

  12. Tyler Johnson says

    K so your not gonna Believe me but that’s my great grandpas museum (Crandall) (Louis Crandall)

  13. Chickery's Travels says

    I love the perspective of your videos. They are so often through the parents' eyes. I really love the printing museum! Books are my life!

  14. Dishy Dan The Travelling Man says

    The waterfall looked lovely, and your son is great at hop scotch… I was never good at that as a kid or even now still that I think about it! Haha! And a great museam with the "LIGER" 😉

  15. King Tolentino says

    impressive…very informative..the soap making looks fun 😎👌

  16. Meldrums On The Move says

    That is a really beautiful waterfall. I like that it is so accessible. The stream looks so calm

  17. The Italian Chica says

    that pile of clothes is really an art? 😄 I loved how that guy was printed the pages, seems he'll put so much love doing that! 😊 the soap factory is so interesting, I'd love to make my own soaps 😁

  18. Swati Jain says

    hehe cute video and scenic too. Continue with such fascinating vlogs 🙂

  19. MsMexanese says

    OMG I can't believe how well spoken he is!! Adorable & I love this concept! From YFFV 🙂

  20. Shadez of Megz says

    Really that was a wonderful view of the waterfall .My grandfather has a printing press and parts of this video reminded me of him and my visits to his printing press office .

  21. Laura Side Street says

    Wow you had a very busy trip, that waterfall looks amazing and the printing museum really interesting

  22. Travel in Twos says

    I can see why it's one of the top art museums, those exhibits look amazing and the place is HUGE!! It was a TALL pile of blankets though haha. There's so much to do where you guys live, do you have to travel far each weekend for your videos? I can't believe you still find new and interesting places each week!!! It's very commendable 😀

  23. Gab & Maya Backpacking says

    Hahaha man my favorite part is when you show us the old and very long process for printing stuff and making a book! Man after all that learning a wouldn't be surprise if your kids become geniuses!!

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