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  1. TPMvids says

    NEW VIDEO- Top 10 BEST Disney World Secrets! Check it out!!!

  2. The Robotic Dinos says

    3:15 it took me 4 times to get the joke

  3. SuperLion Gaming says

    the genie and his beard KILLED me!!!

  4. Deacon Blues says

    As an actor I feel the pain. I've done it all listed in this video and I can name where and when

  5. S Cole Osborn says

    What did "mary" say at 4:42?

  6. Julia Dimo says

    When doing a production of The Little Mermaid, during the bows, the Captian of the ship ended up face planting and his hat went flying 😂

  7. Julia Dimo says

    I remember watching my brother in The wizard of Oz and the hot air balloon (made of wood) ended up falling and almost killing people…

  8. James Humphrey says

    5:23: That Genie is what we call in the business "a cheeky legend".

  9. JASSSICAR says

    It was basted metro gnomes 😂😂😂

  10. Frankie Maychrowitz says

    The Wizard of Oz one is the best. I swear I know the lion though….

  11. Maria Karina says

    Okay but,,, Thomas Sanders in Heathers… He has a video called "stage mistakes" in which he explains that situation

    (I'd give good money for a video of that)

  12. Gabrielle Urbina says

    It makes me so happy how they totally played it off and even incorporated the mishaps into the show

  13. Katesimmer 94 says

    Awwww I thought my play was gonna be on here because we did a zoo play and one of the frogs hopped off the stage See what I did there HOPPED OFF THE STAGE

  14. Aaron Post says

    The genie played it off so well it was genius…

  15. Mike's TOON TOWN says

    Holy Faarquad. Thank goodness he was on his knees, cause if that was his real leg, that wouldn't have been good

  16. MiaTheBritishBullDog says

    6:20 I was sucking on my lollipop 🍭 and where I heard that I started laughing and my lollipop flew

  17. Sara __________ says

    During my school's production of Wizard of Oz, we had a glass light fixture as the witches's crystal ball. During a set change, right before Dorothy's sad reprise of somewhere over the rainbow, it fell and shattered. So during her song, a Winkie went out and swept up the glass. So all you could hear was "somewhere" glass crunching "over the rainbow" more glass. I wish we had a video, but we don't.

  18. Lottie Mackiewicz says

    My favourite blooper was when we were doing A Midsummer Nights Dream for a school play and the girl playing Hermia fell over on her way off stage, and the dude playing Demetrius, who was under the influence of the love potion calls after her "GET WELL SOON MY LOOOOVE" fkn funny as heck

  19. Amelia's Channel says

    I love the
    Legally blonde one, Laura is a queen.

  20. Stephen Hook says
  21. hank says

    It’s a gift from me to ELELELELLEFIFJDNFJDBS

  22. Maya Mohammed says

    "I take care of my best clientele, its a gift from me to EEEHEHHEHELLLE"

  23. Nëddy Jay says

    Oh Laura Bell bundy

  24. Jolie Moua says

    The Shrek one was really funny!!!! 😂

  25. Elizabeth Leaf says

    The glass was not real glass. It was most likely sugar glass. Also, I died when farquaad lost his leg!

  26. Eugene Coleman says

    as a theatre kid, this is painful to watch

  27. wizbit says

    this was really difficult to watch but I also couldn’t look away 😂

  28. Noemi Ruiz says

    I felt bad for the man who got hit by a glass

  29. Nanya S. says

    bo i do not like it

  30. Leanne Haddock says

    Jesus, the devil must've taken over the girl's body while singing

  31. Fangirlingballerina says

    I was in a production of Rumors by Neil Simon and the actor playing Ken accidentally put a hole through the door with his knee. In that same production, (different performance though), the actor playing Lenny tripped on the stairs during his big monologue at the end.

  32. Fangirlingballerina says

    During a production of Much Ado About Nothing that I was in, the roof of the theatre began to leak and it rained onstage.

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