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Truck bursts into fire after turning over in north China


A truck loaded with liquefied natural gas (LNG) burst into fire on an expressway in north China Monday.

The truck turned over on one side in the Hebei Province section of the Beijing-Harbin Expressway.

Two people on the truck suffered burn injury. They were rushed to hospital.

Three vehicles near the truck were burnt, but those aboard ran away in time and were not injured.

According to fire fighters, the leaked LNG may cause flowing fire, forcing that part of expressway to close temporarily.

  1. ferkemall says

    Look again it was not a truck it was a car!

  2. sosidecop64 says

    I believe the truck is in front of the car on the right. It appears to be on its side which tells me it probably skidded down the road releasing propane which is why the fire was so large.

  3. Homme de Culture says

    Les femmes asiatiques ont ce gémissement distinctif, tout comme quand on les baise.

  4. Thomas Guldner says

    This may not be Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). If it was there would have been a massive frozen vapor cloud as the liquid leaked before the ignition. LNG is stored at -261 degrees F. Also, LNG burns with a clean flame with little or no smoke. Marine Firefighting Inc. Truck is shown on its side in front of the car.

  5. Breeyna says

    I thought for sure the people in the car on right wouldn't be alive. I'm glad they're okay.

  6. Ronald Seymour says

    this my thing y they just stand there when a fire is happening and they just sit there like it aint nun

  7. thakrak says

    So the fire starts and instead of flooring the gas pedal, the people in the white and dark car try to open the doors and flee???

  8. Rennoib says

    Was a car from "Asus" obviously. They sold like a inflammable and the most durable car, but when finish the guarantee happened this!!

  9. Jose Juanjo says

    To bad it was a small truck…… get rid of chineeses we need a lot of nukes………..keep praying for thta day

  10. vandam708 says

    ебать мой хуй

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