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Uber Vomit Fraud & 13 Other Rideshare Scams


How do Uber drivers use plastic vomit to make extra cash? Watch this video to find out about this scam, and other scams targeting rideshare riders. This is not a video ridesharing companies, but a video to help you be aware of these rideshare scams to learn how to avoid them. With 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents.

1 – Vomit Fraud
2 – Where are you going?
3 – No Free Lunch on Uber Eats
4 – The App is Broken
5 – Rides from Non-Rideshare Drivers
6- I’m you’re uber! Really!
7 – Asking you to pay tolls
8 – You wanted an upgrade didn’t you?
9 – Fake Uber App
10 – The Driver Never Comes
11 – Zombie Pictures
12 – GPS Spoofing
13 – Taking the long way

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  1. Hannibal Barca says

    I doubt this is a scam.
    Sounds more like a person who is irresponsible.

  2. dj spider says

    It make sense good job 👍👍

  3. socalseth says

    This is why I most always get a rental car! Tho the couple of times I have used uber, luckily no issues

  4. Lenny Urbinek says

    the Y is not backward….LOL

  5. Tatiana Cristina Da Silva says

    Hi there, here in Australia there is one kind of scam I am aware of: some Uber drivers have cancelled the trip on their way to my destination and actually charged my credit card for the ride that never happened. So, I make sure I always check my 'trips' on the Uber app immediately after a cancellation by the driver.

  6. Mamiya Phan says

    Please just take the bus if you can't afford a $4 Uber

  7. ian clark says

    I avoid being scammed by uber drivers by using a proper licenced taxi.

  8. Sandra D's Adventures says

    Thanks so much for all of this information! Knowledge is power. I also use Uber and Lyft a lot when I travel and I've never had an issue but it's good to know the latest and greatest to look out for when I'm on the road. I shared your vid on my travel page so hopefully even more people will be less likely to be scammed. Happy, and scam free, travels!

  9. Serge Bonneure says

    Hi Mr Yellow! 🙂 In Europe when leaving your keys in your car you can even get fined for it. We consider this as 'inviting' thiefs to steal your car. Even insurrance company's will not cover the theft when you left your keys inside the car, even when your insurrance covers autotheft.

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