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  1. dThor Riven says

    Committing crimes never get a better job
    Then becoming squatter

  2. Luvie1980 says

    How about ttc tickets not be so bloody expensive. No one likes a tattletale

  3. Sam195 says

    The real fare evasion occurs in the suburbs where adults are using presto cards programmed by students/seniors they know or a post secondary metropass (discounted) to hop on buses where there are no fare inspectors.

  4. wl03bu says

    Also those who walk into the fare paid area of a bus platform

  5. Gary Hum says

    It's not just students and young people. I've seen adults walk through open gates even when the fare collector is in the booth.

  6. vente pa ca says

    I'm coming Canada

  7. Matthew 1915 says

    Well they took off the fence thing at sheppard west, maybe they should bring it back

  8. Darrell Drake says

    What a fukking crybaby. Mind your own business you loser.

  9. Amy Wheelwright says

    – As someone who have lived and worked around the world (London, Sydney, Singapore, NYC to name a few), I can tell you Toronto has the MOST AFFORDABLE public transit prices and the WORSE fare evasion I have ever seen!!!
    – What I do NOT understand is why the TTC makes it SO EASY to evade fares, even turning a blind eye to this shameful public behaviour! At least subway stations have gates, fare evasion on streetcars is rampant and publicly tolerated!

  10. KentuckyKid 502 says


  11. Bob Costas says

    rat 🐀

  12. juan chavez says

    How much is the fare???

  13. Speed Phreak says

    how is it that TTC and whoever plans these things needs to have average Joe do the big thinking for them? aren't these idiot university educated, overpaid, drones capable of foresight in any way??

  14. GamingwithMohamed says

    Why are you getting mad at Minor's? They don't work and they don't got money for this get mad at the adults who work and are to lazy to actually pay for it

  15. trinigal1001 says

    As everyone who rides the system undoubtedly knows, the TTC is reinstalling the gates altogether to pave way for widespread PRESTO use, they are removing/demolishing the turnstiles at main entrances and the big floor-to-ceiling revolving turnstiles at the automated entrances (the ones that are not directly overseen by the TTC fare collector) and replacing them with the new glass paddle door fare gates design (like the one seen here at the Sheppard West station), which will be in place in all TTC subway station entrances in 2018.

  16. trinigal1001 says

    Most notobly the biggest fear here to fare evasion is that the TTC is demolishing the floor-to-ceiling gates which only accept tokens and TTC Metropasses at all the remaining automatic/secondary entrances (which are not overseen directly by the fare collector) and is replacing them with the newer and shorter glass-paddle fare gate design (like the one seen here at the Sheppard West station), which will be the standard at all TTC subway entrances in 2018 (supervised or not) that is only compatible with PRESTO and TTC Metropasses, as they do away with tokens and tickets in a few years.

  17. Sam195 says

    Lol we don't want to show you because that would be breaking the law. Pretty sure if you did a demonstration with supervision from TTC officials – it would make a stronger influence on viewers to stop the practice if they already do so or lol better yet out the fare cheats they see to a nearby ttc employee.

  18. _ _ says


  19. wl03bu says

    wait a sec? The guy jumping the fence was holding a no trespassing sign?!?

  20. *_•reshirm•_* says

    This is a joke. San Francisco MUNI once lost over $100M due to some hacker disabling the computer system! The LRV was automated, so LRV was stopped, and the fare gates could just easily be passed through. Fare boxes and clipper card scanners didn’t work, so people were forced to not pay. This caused MUNI so much money! And fare evasion does so much too, like tens and tens of millions of dollars! Jeez!

  21. Om Nom channel says

    Its ok to fare vasion for kids if theres no fare collecter

  22. vict oria says

    Snitches get stitches

  23. Michael Walters Elevators, Roblox, and More says

    ok now we need a proof of payment

  24. Zoch Buppet says

    It was obviously designed that way by the TTC…the whole new TTC GATE SYSTEM was designed that way to so that would have to keep the TTC UNION EMPLOYEES employed to watch the gates.

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