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United Airlines 777 Business Class to Hawaii


This flight is in business class – or as the Americans call it – First. It’s my first ever flight on United and follows their recent bad publicity – so what were they like? Watch this video to find out as I fly from San Francisco to Honolulu on a 22 year old Boeing 777-200.

My review covers boarding, take off, the United business class cabin and seat as well as United’s business/first class meals and service.

For more flight reviews including British Airways, Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, LATAM and Baltic Air please check out my channel.

Coming Soon:

Lufthansa A380 Business Class
American Airlines A319 Business Class
United Airlines 787 Polaris Business Class

Flight: UA1509
Route: San Francisco to Honolulu – 5.25 hours
When: July 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200 registration N769UA (built June 1995)
Seat: 4A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

  1. adrian ling says

    dont get dragged!

  2. miJoey says

    reason of this layout: no seat kicking

  3. M J says

    I made many similar flights like you but never even got to experience anything similar to what you showed. Over the past 8 years, I have made frequent trips as in every 4 or so months trips from West Coast, be it San Francisco, LA or Seattle to Hawaii and visa versa. About half these flights were with United. Many occasions I was able to get free upgrade or paid little extra to get upgraded to business and also first class. I can say, that I never experienced anything remotely similar to what you described. The seats though large did seem a bit dated. Also on side note, I also have used United for business class on flight from Turks and Caicos to Newark a 4 hour flight. Again business class was nothing like that. It just seemed to be enlarged version of economy class. It also didnt help that person who was seated next to me had a 1.5 year old kid as lap child. One reason I paid extra for such was to avoid such.

  4. Ryan Ryan says

    no one does a travel video review better than this guy…. incredible the way the does his videos

  5. Drew Weber says

    Most American terminals have planes that close

  6. Christine Coleman says

    Flying back with a safer way

  7. Ryan McNeilly says

    I believe the rear-facing seats are due to the hookup/wiring of the electronics by the manufacturer (don't quote me on that). Some designs use angled seats (turned slightly inward toward the centerline of the cabin) to keep everyone facing the same way.

    All of United's Hawaii-bound flights from the U.S. are flown in the domestic configuration. The Polaris Business class is a step under the Polaris First class (formally called "Global First" for international flights).

    The 777-200LRs that United used to fly had a typical domestic first class layout (reclining wide seats in a 2-4-2 configuration; not the lie-flat seats that convert into a full bed inside the "pod" suite). Domestic first class was a step below international business class (which had the lie-flats). There was no "domestic business" class, as the aircraft were all two-cabin configured.

    I flew Global First from ORD-FRA once on a 777 and it was phenomenal (nothing like what you see on the Emirates birds). But the service was excellent, food was great, seat comfortable, and I really enjoyed the flight. Flew FRA-IAD back in Economy Plus; thankfully, I didn't have someone in the middle seat in the 3-4-3 configuration (I had a window seat). I also flew domestic first class from ORD-HNL on a 777 which was still a nice flight (it beat flying the 8 hours in Economy). Food was good and the cabin crew was very nice. Still not what I would consider "luxurious" but a great fill-in for the alternative.

  8. Free bleach for all says

    Ok, where is the actual united? Where were the beating sticks and the complementary dragging off

  9. Crampiq says

    Does it come with free tooth removal?

  10. Roashky Pie says

    Love those little parts when you talk about a dog or a puppy! (Not what I'm here for, but LOLZ)

  11. David Stone says

    Really enjoy your reviews Dennis. They're the best on YouTube IMO. The only thing I can add to your reviews of US carriers is regarding the preboarding champagne served in plastic cups. Delta uses glass for their international pre-departure sparkling wine so it's not a security issue. Also, for some reason they serve a much nicer "champagne" inflight vs what's served on the ground.
    I hope you get the chance to fly the Delta 747 First cabin before it's retired. Next to Qatar A380 Business Class, its the best seat I've ever flown.
    Thanks for the great videos !

  12. Kyle Cortes says

    they don't want kids kicking the seat infant of them

  13. GlobalTraveler.TV says

    OMG… No, don't wanna fly this configuration… But thank's Dennis, very good as everytime…

  14. Bob Caride says

    You should fly on Southwest

  15. Martin Toomey says

    A bit messy

  16. HVideos says

    Good review! However i don't think I'd want to travel with any US based airlines again after many bad experiences. Their inflight services and comfort just don't come close to the airlines from europe let alone from southeast asia and the middle east .

  17. johnnyXXX says

    2 4 2 business class layout in a 777…

    That's more like a premium economy class layout. I guess that's why United sucks.

  18. Woof Olliesmydog says

    Dennis, is this your actual job? If not, what do yo do that requires all this travel? (lucky bugger!)

  19. Ryan Butler says

    Hi Dennis,Great video, any chance you can announce your upcoming flights/trips so we have something to look forward to? Interested to see what Vietnam Airlines & Hanian J are like!

  20. Boeing Flight Simmer says

    It's configured that way for domestic

  21. Cosm0s says

    Facing half the seats backwards is a privacy design I believe

  22. kefou kefak says

    flying on one of those business seats in three weeks to San Diego. I'm so excited.

  23. C Heroux says

    Love your united videos. Would love to see the new Polaris on the 777 with the 1-2-1 layout

  24. Amsyar Marzuki says

    Love your accent

  25. Just Trip Reports says

    Fun Fact: United had that same meal option 5 years ago when I flew them on the 777.

  26. RC says

    Looks like there’s a 50/50 chance that your business class seat may be facing backwards.

  27. Muhanna Abaalkhail says

    I worked as a United flight attendant for 15 years and the best answer I got from anyone about why the seats are facing backwards was “Because I said so”

  28. Sam Davies says

    It's to easily drag people from their seat

  29. Sky View Ireland says

    The layout is to have the IFE consoles in the middle and using less materials and betting cooling efficiency.

  30. Bobby B says

    I will ALWAYS avoid united airlines, and this just proves it.  Shocking that this wacky uncomfortable looking layout passes for a premium product.

  31. Vid Central says

    2-4-2 is the old Emirates 777 economy layout

  32. levi fox says

    The seats go backwards because in the 2-2-2 configuration takes up more space because of the slight slant of each seat to the isle

  33. Clay Lepchenske says

    Thinking your on the older 777-series. Try united's B787-8 biz class. When booking flights for long flights stay away from 737's A319-320's biz class, very sad. Try for the B787-9 or the A330 or newer, for the same biz class price. B777's can be dated if not on the updated models.

  34. Love To Travel says

    Flights to HNL from airports like DFW or ORD are longer than many flights to Europe and yet we have to suffer this terrible internal layout and second class food. Why the American carriers are so far behind when so many of our other services are so far ahead is a mystery to me. There is just something deeply flawed about our airlines, and I’m patiently waiting for someone like Elon Musk to turn things around.

  35. Selena Banushi says

    Seaview you know I did the first class

  36. NotInfractioN says

    This business class is very underrated. Not the greatest, but certainly not that bad.

  37. Golden Gate Bridge says

    I’ve flown First Classs on the 777 before I think the seats are very nice they transform into a bed and that’s very nice.

  38. BIG 747-400 says

    There's no in-flight entertainment in the economy class on United's 777-200 aircraft that are operating in the Hawaii route configuration. Also United is beginning to phase out Global/Polaris First and the rear facing Polaris seats as the widebody fleet is going to be retrofitted with the newer Polaris that first appeared on the 777-300ER aircraft (excluding non-extended range 777-200 aircraft due to upcoming retirement).

  39. Mirza Ahmed says

    Get an Amex Platinum card. You could have used the Centurion Lounge at SFO, which has showers.

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