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UNREAL: Big Dem Just Busted Draining Victims’ Relief Funds To Pay For Lingerie And Worse


Yet another New York Democratic politician was indicted recently. She was freed on $150,000 bond. This time it was Brooklyn Assemblywoman Pamela Harris. She evidently was busted for defrauding government agencies out of tens of thousands of dollars, including the agency in charge of Hurricane Sandy relief. In other words, she was stealing money from the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Many people lost everything, including loved ones. 24 people died. That’s just beyond cold.

“Ms. Harris has been an invaluable community organizer and a well-regarded legislator,” said a statement from her attorneys. “Especially given her background, we are disappointed that Ms. Harris was indicted. “She has pleaded not guilty, and we look forward to her day in court and an opportunity there to present the full facts.”

The former corrections officer was charged with wire fraud, making false statements, bankruptcy fraud, witness tampering and obstructing justice. Wow… she really went for it. Not only all that, when Harris learned she was under investigation in 2017, she pressured witnesses to lie for her to FBI agents conducting the investigation. “She conducted her schemes victimizing the federal and New York City governments, and then obstructed a federal investigation into her crimes while a sitting New York State Assemblywoman,” U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said. That takes stones lady (and I use the term ever so loosely here).

Harris, 57, is accused of defrauding the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They are the agency that is still helping New York and New Jersey rebuild after Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. She took almost $25,000. It’s not bad enough everyone got slammed by the perfect storm… they are getting arrogantly ripped off by their politicians as well. Harris was also charged with trying to illegally collect funds from the city’s Build It Back program for Sandy victims whose homes were destroyed by the storm.

Harris is seen below at her inauguration in Brooklyn along with Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

This woman has lying down to an art form. According to the indictment, she falsely claimed that her house had been so badly damaged she was forced to pick up and move. To back this up, she submitted fake lease agreements and rent payments for a separate residence in Staten Island. But in reality, she kept living in her home that was not damaged in the least. She used money that she stole for vacations ($10,000 on getaways alone), cruises and a sizable lingerie bill at Victoria’s Secret and Kohl’s. Oooh… I feel a prison sentence coming on for this woman big time. Some judge is going to love throwing the book at her.

Harris is also accused of defrauding agencies including the New York City Council, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a New York City youth and community development group. She’s great at being a corruptocrat it would seem. In fact, she excels at it.

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