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On today’s episode of the “Van Life Diaries of Eamon & Bec” we update you on the progress of Bob’s sprinter van conversion and what our plans are for the summer while living in our van! We’d love your help deciding which direction to head this summer so comment below… NORTH (to Alaska) or SOUTH (to LA)!!

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Who are we?

We’re Eamon and Bec, a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it’s really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat!

We post new videos every Wednesday + Sunday AND a new, easy vegan recipe every Friday 🙂

Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small… tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.

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  1. itsOURlife inc says

    I am living from you guys .. and love y'all relationship sub saludos🙋🏽‍♀️ from Mexico ..having a marathon of your videos

  2. Heather Renton says

    Happy Belated Birthday Bec. Up! North to Alaska going north the rush is on! Do the Stuart Cassiar Hwy on the way up, and the Alaska Hwy on the way down. Whatever you do, stop by and say hello if you are in or near Prince George. I would love to meet up with you somewhere if it works out!

  3. Charlotte Sasser says


  4. Jon Baatz says

    I am about to do my upper cabinets. What are the dimensions of your and Bob's upper cabinets. I'm battling with how deep and down from the cieling to make them.

  5. Kennedy Mayer says


  6. Natalie Grein says

    Crater Lake is supposed to be amazing….

  7. Mark Moffatt says

    Yup go UP!!!!

  8. georgia van schie says

    Vancouver island! come surf in Tofino <3

  9. UnitNY says

    Yosemite! 😀

  10. 00RONDOR00 says

    Everyone goes south. Head North!

  11. Traclynn's Treasures Hinton says

    Up up up

  12. John Cooper says

    Alaska, I rode my motorcycle through AK a couple of years ago. AK is definitely a state to see. Northern and central BC and AB are also fun places with postcard scene after postcard scene. Banff is a do-not-miss park. Probably the most beautiful park in North America. Blows Yellowstone away. Vancouver is a great place but uber expensive (my vegan daughter is a Junior at Univ of BC). Calgary, nice city but it is a city. Traffic and all. No weapons across the border, not even pepper spray.

  13. Kate DeLayne says

    Go to Oregon it’s killer

  14. Shannon Nelson says


  15. Paulina Johnson says


  16. Winter Littell says

    Oooh I’m late to this video. Please do a meetup in Seattle! The Puget Sound is gorgeous!!

  17. tanyab78 says


  18. Rita Broils says

    You whacky, crazy kids!!!! Nomadic Movement is on their way to Alaska. Touch base with them.

  19. AlyseGriz says

    Definitely head up north! Alaska is gorgeoooous especially in July/August! I also vote for northern Cali to see the Redwood Forest. That place is stellar! Love you guys and your videos!!!

  20. Spiro Dimaris says

    gee bobs van looking good eamon when is it going to be finish?

  21. Spiro Dimaris says

    ok guys you start from alaska and the the way down alaska it is beautiful now next month you never know

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