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Vancouver tent city residents move to new site


Residents of the Ten Year Tent City have set up in a new location after a court injunction ordered them to vacate their last site
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  1. alexanderwesner70 says

    most rich immigrants don't pay taxes .. just the 1 million for citizenship..

  2. My Puritanical Opinion says

    They'll need a lot of welfare and loads and loads of drugs. Otherwise it will never work.

  3. Steven Christmas says

    lol. hippies

  4. rage more says

    able bodied losers that want free handouts and want the taxpayers to feel sorry for their miserable lives

  5. Reynaldo Justo II says

    Homeless population looks WAAAAY different in Canada aye!

  6. Grandma Mo Says says

    We need to do better for our marginalized communities. No Canadian should have to live on the street.

  7. Rockets, RC Planes, More | HD says

    Left wing Canada…

  8. KansaiGene says
  9. I'm me says

    it's OK Trudeau gave 1billion$ to Syria
    and getting more "refugees" into Canada

  10. chloweful says

    We should be helping our homeless not the economic migrants aka "refugees."

  11. HELP I HAVE NO SKIN says

    Our leaders are too busy giving all of Canada's homes away to the chinese

  12. L K says

    notive how there are no homeless chinese in this group? Rich Chinese have the citizens of vancouver by the throat!

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