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Visit The Netherlands – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about The Netherlands


Visiting the Netherlands is more than just visiting Amsterdam. There are so many wonderful things to see and do, from the architecture and amazing museums to the biking opportunities to all the windmills and flowers, to the bad parts of visiting The Netherlands, the stigma that the Netherlands are just a drunken party for tourists in the red light district of Amsterdam and did we mention the service? Here are five things you will love and hate about visiting the Netherlands.
Filmed in Haarlem and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
Hate #1. The Drunk/High Tourists in the Red Light District in Amsterdam: and how they have become a defacto image of The Netherlands, when The Netherlands has so much to offer travelers.
Hate #2. The Stairs: look the stairwells in the Netherlands are more like Ladders so be careful on them. Don’t bring heavy bags.
Hate #3. The Service: as much as we love the Dutch people, the service is not something you will write home about. It’s professional, but not overly friendly.
Hate #4. The Bike Lanes: Remember, Red is Dead… you will understand the first time you walk into a bike lane in The Netherlands.
Hate #5. The Unpredictable nature of Dutch weather.

Love #1. The Architecture and Culture throughout The Netherlands. The guild houses that will fill up gigs of data on your camera to amazing churches to museums stocked full of amazing art there is so much to enjoy and see in The Netherlands.
Love #2. The Transportation and Tourism Infrastructure: The Netherlands is super easy to get around.
Love #3. That there is so much more to The Netherlands than just Amsterdam: go explore the country, from Haarlem to Groningen to so many more great towns around the country.
Love #3b. The People of the Netherlands: from their amazing English to their great sense of humor to their directness the Dutch can make for a great time.
Love #4. The biking opportunities and easiness of renting bikes and exploring The Netherlands on two wheels.
Love #5. The drinking and snacking opportunities all over the country.

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  1. Wolves Gaming Channel says

    Our weather is so inconsistent here, while watching your video as a Dutch man it started to rain, had a thunderstorm and now the sun is shining again. lol

  2. KajiRider1997 says

    I need warm weather to give my house an enzyme treatment, and right on the days I planned to do so its going to be 14c and raining. fuck you delft.

  3. KinderBakkesKnaller says

    tip: visit Utrecht is is the same as Amsterdam but no red districts or drunk tourist. It is a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam. Worth to try!

  4. Madysyn François says

    Maybe you havent got iT yet In The Netherlands asking is power if you ask to order food they will come

  5. Thierry Kamette says

    Stop winging !! Boring git !!

  6. Irma says

    Djeeez wat een zeikerd zeg , met je dislikes .

  7. TovrikGames says

    Scary that I knew the location of every shot made in Haarlem, since I live there :).

  8. Jamie Yang Fart Master 9000 says

    The dutch become little heatseeking missiles on their bikes. yup

  9. owlswim says

    #6 Hate: The Ann Frank house.

  10. Derrick de Graaf says

    Funny how a foreigner complaints about the tourists. How do you think us Dutch people feel. And about the stairs… maybe get a real hotel next time. You get what you pay for. I don't expect an elevator and fancy stairs when I go to London and stay in a cheap hotel.

  11. Derrick de Graaf says

    You know what we find annoying? Tourists trying to ride rented bikes without knowing the rules. Why would you even recommend that? Do you know how dangerous those tourists are. People on bikes have to go places, work, home whatever so they drive fast. You can't imagine how many times some lame tourist decides to just stop in the middle of the bike lane because they don't know which way to go.

  12. Kat Erina says

    Now I feel offended

  13. Mike the Goo says


    Reiks museum (say "rikes museum")

  14. jturie says

    One thing I love about Amsterdam–the hospital. Great people and service. One thing I hate: the idiots who block the sidewalk with their electric carts, forcing me to skirt around them, slip off the curb, land on the street, and break 3 ribs.

  15. ShelLuser says

    The customer isn't king in restaurants? Meh, maybe in Amsterdam (and certain restaurants there) but that does not set the tone for the rest of the Netherlands. Not at all. (edit) : and, euh… niet zo warm hier? Not the warmest weather? lol! It's 20 degrees Celsius right now, and it's still 6am. They expect 25, maybe 28 – 30 in the sun today.

  16. silsilsilly says

    Bycicling is a way to get from a to b and to your work/ school and if you are late you'll cycle harder to make up time, Its a normal way of comuting and in cities often the quickest way because the roads of the inner city are narrow.
    Standing or walking on the bycicle lane is like standing still on a buisy car road, not a smart or nice thing to do. Youĺl disrupt the traffic with it and when a bike collides with you both you and the cyclist will be hurt. Thats why they can be agressive when you walk or stand there. They don want to hurt you and don't want to hurt themselves. So for your safety stay off the bike lanes, If you like to walk, thats where the sidewalk is for. 🙂

    Dining out is not a daily thing to do. People over here do this every once and a while to treat themselves The rest of the time we eat normal homecooked meals. When you treat yourself on dining out, youĺl take time for it. Dining out can take most of the evening, if not, the whole evening and the waiting times between servings can give you time for a drink, some conversation with your company and to relax. When serving staff asks if i want a refill or something too often it would feel awkward, distracting and pushy. I think i would stay away from that place in the future because they care too much about selling drinks.
    Itś a cultural thing I think 🙂

  17. Nynke de Koning says

    Als je het zo erg haat kom dan gewoon niet

  18. JDG says

    Ajax but yeah uhm
    For the dutch people is hate a big word

  19. Rafaël Krugmann says

    he's right the service takes forever and when you do get service you ate yourself full on some free bread basket

  20. Katie Ribbonz says

    I visited Amsterdam about two years ago, there's no one puking up or drunk that I could see. And the people were very polite. High or not. You're right about the service at restaurants though!

  21. Hardstyle Nation says


  22. M Ten Hove says

    Hands down THE worst customer service in the world in The Netherlands.

  23. GamesGalore says

    Lol the drugs and drinking are so exaggerated xD

  24. TiiqawxHD says

    You are not from here, but you just gave the best top 5's dislikes about the netherlands :,) you think like i do! About the people in the bike lane etc. (Im a 19 yr old Dutch guy btw 🙂

  25. Oliver C. says

    Great stuff!

  26. Maurice Hazeveld says

    Me as somewone that lives in the netherlands TOTALY agrees on this list.

  27. Kevin TheGamer162015 says

    You go to the worst place in metherlands

  28. Julien Westenberg says

    Al over the country in a hour and a half😂 make that 4 to 5 hours from one side to the other, maybe 6

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