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VLOG | Picnic Date & Period Subscription Box?!


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I hope you enjoyed today’s fun vlog! I can’t wait to daily vlog my holiday with my family and all the exciting things I have planned over the rest of summer. Love you all so so so muchhhh xxxx


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♡ Where do you live? Lincoln (uni) and Wellingborough (hometown)
♡ How old are you? I am 19 & my birthday is September 4th.
♡ What do you film main videos and vlogs on? Nikon D3300 for main videos and Olympus Pen EPL8 for vlogs!
♡ What do you edit on? iMovie app
♡ What do you study at university? I study Forensic Science at the University of Lincoln.

♡ Sub Count at time of publishing: 2,397

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  1. Ellie Lambert says

    ur skin is glowing in this vlog!!!! xxx

  2. Selina Ozay says

    Aidan in the background hahaha loved this vlog

  3. Leah Turner says

    Betty box looks like such a lovely subscription box!! Such a good idea! Not too expensive either 😱💓

  4. Carrie Pendle says

    “We’re gonna prepare some food now” had me in stitches!!!!!! So funny! Peng picnic xxx

  5. Isabelle Anwan says

    your videos literally make me so happy. Your the best!!! 😌💓

  6. travelhappymegs says

    Loved this vlog xxxx

  7. Caprice Fendt says

    I loved this vlog it made me feel so happy 💞

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