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Volunteering jobs at the hostels! – you can get free accommodation!


Volunteering jobs at the hostels! – you can get free accommodation!

Is it possible to volunteer at hostels and get a free bed? YES!!! This is one of the good ways to save money while you are traveling. There are pros and cons to it, but you’ll consider your choice when watching this video!

Specials thanks to Mayrooms Hostel in Taipei for this wonderful experience!!!

*music in background is not my own*

  1. Deafinitely Wanderlust says

    [Image description: A light skinned brunette haired Mexican American, named Stacey, is wearing sleeveless olive tank top, fake diamond stud earrings, Lady of Guadalupe necklace and have top black eyeliners. She is standing center of the screen. Title named: How to get free bed (sleep) when you travel the world!. 


    Whew, I'm tired!
    So! I –
    I really want to share this with all of you!
    a "secret" about how to save money
    while traveling
    did you know that there are many hostels that
    accept volunteers who work for them?
    they'll welcome you to come and help to clean
    and they'll give you a free bed in exchange
    yes, it's FREE.
    There are many different kind of work exchange you can do
    it doesn't matter – there are a lot of them
    but the most common volunteering job is
    volunteering jobs at hostels are popular
    around the world, like
    South America
    Do all hostels do this? No.
    Only some of them do.
    You can contact them directly and ask
    if it is available or full (with volunteers).
    Maybe there are already many volunteers, so
    you would need to look for another one
    it can also be something else than cleaning, like
    you can teach art for free
    you can do photography
    or filming / videograhy
    or any other skills that you may have
    but that is only if they want you to clean,
    then you only volunteer to clean, that's it
    if they are open-minded about it,
    and you have the skills that they want,
    then you'll may able to do it
    and get free accommodation
    but it is important that you are being honest about your skills
    are you good with photography?
    or videography?
    or do you have art skills?
    teaching skills?
    don't think about lying
    I really don't recommend that
    So, be honest about it
    so if you don't have any skills that they are looking for,
    it's okay, you can do cleaning instead
    so, I don't clean much – just a little
    but I focus on photography for their Instagram
    and Facebook since the hostel is relatively new
    so now I am going to take photos and videos of the hostel
    and help them with their Instagram and Facebook
    so, that's how it looks like for my days so far here in Taiwan
    (talking in the background)
    (music and laughter in the background)
    um –
    It's funny, and I really enjoy watching them
    they are funny, and we are all laughing
    but when they are all talking, obviously
    I don't understand (hear) anything but
    but it is okay to see it all without communication and still enjoy it
    (music & laughter ended)
    so, are you wondering what are the pros & cons?
    so, the pros are:
    you get a FREE bed. Y'all already know that, obviously
    another pro is
    you get to meet many new people, Hearing people –
    not really with Deaf people, but
    it is still good meet new people though
    thirdly, you skills of photography, filming, art
    or any other skill that you can exchange,
    you can add it to your resume! (or profilio)
    so you can show it to potential jobs in the future!
    another pro is that you will learn to develop certain skills
    like developing team work skills,
    communication skills,
    and any other things that will help you to develop your skills
    you'll learn a lot from it
    so what are the cons?
    if you are traveling, and you have so many things
    to do and go to in so little time,
    and you don't have time to settle in one city
    then, eh, maybe you won't really have time for that
    because many hostels want you to work in the morning
    about 4-5 hours, depending on the hostel
    they all have different rules for volunteering jobs
    so it's important to consider whether you are willing to
    sacrifice your time for at least 4-5 hours
    don't beg them to only work for at least 2 hours,
    you'll have to accept what they say
    don't forget to clarify what they really want
    do they really want 4 – 5 hours of volunteer hours?
    If they do, then it is likely that you are working in the morning
    and you can't go out to explore in the morning
    you'll have to wait until you finish working in the morning
    and then you're free to go
    so are you willing to do that?
    another con is
    the world is almost full of Hearing people, you know that
    communication can be hard
    um – some people aren't willing to communicate (with Deaf people)
    If you are Deaf, "eh, I don't have time for that."
    but I'm lucky that the hostel that I am working at
    where I am happy at,
    They didn't really mind that I am Deaf
    and they welcome me to work with them
    they engage in conversations with me,
    and they were respectful,
    they didn't force me to use my voice,
    or oppress me in any other way.
    they accommodated with me by typing on the phone
    so I really like that, really really happy with them
    that's my personal experience.
    I really like them.
    it is important for you (Deaf people) to know
    that you may experience communication barrier
    especially when the skills require more communication,
    it can be challenging if they are impatient with you
    if they are very accommodating, then that's GREAT
    then you'll be fine
    if you don't have any skills that they want, you can clean
    don't worry
    another con is
    sometimes the rules that they have may be reasonable
    or unreasonable. For an example,
    I take photos and videos,
    it is a lot of work to do it (especially editing)
    it is important to notice whether they give you
    is TOO much work for you.
    and you'd feel overwhelmed with that load of work
    eh, don't do that!
    so, would I recommend volunteering for hostels?
    hmmm, you can try it out!
    you'll never know!
    You can do it only once, twice or many times!
    it doesn't matter.
    so, would you try this out?!

  2. Andrew Parsons says

    3:14 — where did you pick up that vocabulary for "hearing people"?

  3. Максим Кириллов says

    hello.can get acquainted with you? I want you to learn me from the sign language in Europe, I'm from Russia) husky

  4. Максим Кириллов says

    f that add to skype?

  5. CJ Moore says

    great video stacey! i love watching your videos. i like it that i can read lips pretty good and pay attention to your signing.. if that's what you call it..

  6. Yafar says

    Hi, i just subscribed to your channel, is very good channel, gretz!. I have a question. I thought that each country had its own sign language. However, i saw u talking to different deaf people around the world. Is there an internacional lenguange that everyone knows? Thank u!

  7. play thai zz ting visal says

    Can you Facebook add me?
    What are your name? Fb

  8. play thai zz ting visal says

    I'm from Cambodia. And you?

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