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  1. Jenn Hedrick says

    Oh my gosh – what an awesome show! Some of my favorite podcast members on the show today. Y'all had me laughing the whole show. Loved it. Merry Christmas- enjoy your break!

  2. Marissa Lonardo says

    We saw the Rudolph characters at Sesame Place because they are apart of the sea world parks and entertainment co. They were really cool especially bumble he was huge looked great scared the kids all in all a good time!

  3. Michele McCoy says

    We did the Candlelight Procession with Jodi Benson and it was AMAZING!!! She was obviously into the spirit of the meaning of Christmas!!! We were very pleasantly surprised!!!

  4. Craig Rogers says

    This line up is perfect, less Shaun and Charles and more Teresa, Ryno and Steve please 👍👍👍

  5. Jonathan Chapman says

    Steve is the worst… Get over yo self…

  6. Amanda Stumpf says

    Kurt Russel voiced Copper in the Fox and the Hound ❤️❤️

  7. Mary Neal says

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Have fun and stay safe. Love you much!

  8. Rachel Murphy says

    Ryno’s Christmas Shoes story MADE MY DAY 😂😂😂😂

  9. ohplezz says

    Why is the first 49 seconds of your video is dark? I've been seeing this with a number of your videos lately?

  10. spideylover says

    Yeah, who goes to a seafood restaurant and orders a crabcake?

  11. TJ Eastman says

    Great show as always.

  12. Chuck Oneill says

    Please do a food vlog from Twisty Treat!! I feel like this has just been teased so much we deserve it now. Thanks!!!

  13. Katherine Babcock says

    Thanks for the Maryland Shout out, Craig! Never order crab away from the water. Let alone the bay.

  14. #CRAZY MUSIC !MAN! says

    Cats in the cradle gets me always.

  15. Brandon Piazza says

    I apologize. My last comment sounded mean spirited. To clarify, Teresa is a lovely woman and gives great insight at times. But, occasionally, she does get on a negative roll, and the show is unpleasant when that occurs. I realize by my statement I came across as attacking Teresa and that was not my intention. I love all The Dis contributors!

  16. Oblixom says

    Merry Christmas team! big hugs

  17. ChrisandToni Channel says

    By law private property or not they do have to have a sign posted so he broke no laws. They have to by law post signs. The fact that they fired him for a violation while he was off. They did violate his rights. He could in fact sue and win. I hope he does.

  18. McKenna Walters says

    I totally agree, I hate trying to get into the Magic Kingdom early in the morning, especially when the monorails aren’t running.

  19. outofbodyexp22 says

    yes ryno!!!! i loooove kona breakfast!!! give me all the macadamia nut pancakes!!!

  20. outofbodyexp22 says

    but the thing about coral reef is that it should be outstanding!! but its just like on the level of red lobster

  21. Gideon says

    I loathe the Biergarten Restaurant. Worst German Food ever. The sauerkraut is equivalent to the red sauce at Tony's Town Square. They serve beer to keep you distracted from the food. And this place is always half empty – or half full – so why sit strangers at the same table? Everything about this pavilion is tired.

  22. YorkieLove75 says

    I really don't understand why Be Our Guest has such a bad rap. I've never had dinner there, but I really enjoy breakfast and lunch there. So much, that I have reservations for my birthday in April. I also love the Biergarten and we look forward going there every time we go to Disney.maybe I just have bad taste or maybe people have too high expectations. They aren't meant to be fancy, high end restaurants, which is fine with me.

  23. Daisy Cocoa says

    Also if you use an artificial tree you save a real tree : )

  24. Bob Levittan says

    I think I bought a refillable mug once and used it for one day, and then when I realized I had to lug it everywhere I went in order to have it refilled I threw it out.

  25. Jason Sykes says

    Bad episode to end the year on, it was just … meh. Hope you all have a great break though !

  26. Warrenet1 says

    We always need more Craig!

  27. MissLauraSquared says

    No news of The Last Jedi! Just saw it in theaters tonight.

  28. John King says

    HUGE-HUGE-HUGE fan of panelist- Theresa keep doing what you are doing-your presentations are enjoyable

  29. mayder 40 says

    I have only seen Twisty Treet buildings but thanks to Theresa's coments, I will go. I love it every time she says anything. We can get news and reviews all over Youtube, but Tess is one of a kind–sadly.

  30. Jennifer McCartney says

    Great show everyone. Happy near year to all.

  31. Sorcerer Heidi says

    ROTFL!!! I'm 57 years old, and until about a year ago, I thought i twas HerBie, still can't beliee it's HerMie – that does't even make sense!! ROTFL

  32. Fred Duram says

    man pete and john love taking time off. must be nice. haven't seen john and kevin in forever.

  33. Kevin Cutter says

    Just because you have metal detectors doesn't mean you will stop someone who wants to kill people, they will just kill you at the metal detector instead of within the property

  34. Jade Eickstaedt says

    I️ saw an interesting question .. since Disney bought fox and they made the animated film “Anastasia” should we consider her a princess now ?? To me yes she will be a princess but not a “true” Disney princess only because Disney didn’t make her/the movie fox did … you know??

  35. ladyq_182 says

    I agree that they should require metal detectors at Disney Springs. I find it hard to believe that he didn't know the rules. Maybe he is just looking for a lawsuit. That wouldn't be surprising seems everyone is these days. I also agree with the BOG food being horrible! I was there last week and it was disgusting!!!! Thanks to you all I did know to avoid the French onion soup though!!!! The food as a whole was HORRIBLE!!!!! I wish the food at WDW would get on par with Disneyland. I also ate breakfast in the castle and it has become just a place to serve you quick, see the princesses for 2 seconds and push you out…..turn over is their goal $$$$$$$!!!!! Quality in the parks has suffered greatly over the years! I do love watching you all so much. When Theresa talks it reminds me of the skit on SNL……….cracks me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are just kicking it "up" a notch……haha Corey is quick with the jokes!

  36. Sean Lee says

    I want an episode where T hosts ❤️❤️

  37. JANET WINSLOW says

    Great show ! So happy Craig wished everyone Merry Christmas and also acknowledged the other celebrations as well. With all the fears of offending people its refreshing to hear . Wishing all of the crew of the Dis Unplugged a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year,

  38. Edward Strong says

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone, Love the DisUnplugged keep up the good work ! Has anyone brought this up before? Why even have gondolas ? Why not extend the monorail? Wouldn’t it be nice to take the monorail from Magic Kingdom all the way down to AnimalKingdom ? How well are gondolas going to hold up after a couple hurricane seasons? Just wondering if anyone had said why not continue the monorail? Thank You

  39. Mia Z says

    Same thing happened to my sister Cory! She had a small thing of mace attached to her keys and she forgot to remove it… got it confiscated at MK! oops!

  40. Tommy Holland says

    Good lord, here we go. It is not a common sense thing. Disney Springs is a mall. If you are a concealed carry permit holder, you carry everywhere. It makes no sense to carry "sometimes".

  41. Awakened Soul says

    Lol Craig..aka..Mr. Perfect. Hope he doesn't get fired for breaking any rules.

  42. Awakened Soul says

    Teresa is sexy

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