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Day 22 – Vienna, Austria

First day in Vienna! Wandering through art museums and through places I was definitely not supposed to be in Vienna City Hall, but saw some cool things! And listened to my favorite band, Paramore, new album for the first time (yes this was last May lol) and now forever think of walking around Vienna when I listen to it which is magical! Wish I could always do that first time listening to an album by an artist I love!

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  1. Luke says

    Still loving this series! Since you're in Vienna now, you might visit my country soon 😃 Though you must have hated the prices 😉

  2. Brian P Alvarez says

    Wow Vienna looks awesome! My wife and I are documenting our adventures through Disney and travel! Hope we can connect soon! Keep it up!

  3. Tyramde Whisperwind says

    2:07 The MQ is the long yellowish building in the back. It is, aswell as the twin museoms around you and the square you are in, part of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. You walked through the main building earlier in the video.
    PS: It looks like you are into arts – next time instead of the Spanish Riding School, try the Imperial Treasure Chambers^^
    8:10 Vienna Town/City Hall. It got built in neo-gothic style because it was during that time that guilds got founded, the base of todays city politics. You can find one of the few still running historic Pater Noster elevators in there. Don't worry so much about not the "not supposed to be there" part – its a public place and most rooms are therefore usually open.
    11:17 Its actually a very young church^^ The Votiv Church got built in 1879 as a vote (Votiv) of the emperor FJoseph I after he survived an assassination attempt on the city walls around that spot in 1853.

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