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Was It Worth It? |


Bryce and I walk the entire Las Vegas Strip to reach the most recommended burger joint, but was it worth it?
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Was It Worth It? |

  1. Rachael D'onofrio says

    Awesome video I really like it lot it was cool

  2. the Nintendo Link and Zelda says

    Nice video

  3. Amy McAuley says

    great video

  4. Zach Seefloth says

    It was worth it watching the vid

  5. Mark Lyon says

    Those banana snacks are so good i found me some of those at Kroger Marketplace.My aunt and uncle lived in Las Vegas at one time but everything there is so expensive so they moved to Arizona.

  6. TB Bassing says

    Hey clintus

  7. Braden Bennett says

    you guys are awsome

  8. Wiley Robertson says

    Cant believe you didn't opt for sushi! Btw, Great vid.

  9. Simen Østerud says

    Awsome vlog Clintus😀

  10. Marks Manship says

    Did they seize your M&M's at Airport Security as possible tiny explosives? 😉 Bryce was half awake. Lets keep it positive there Clint Clintus.

  11. Kameron Helmick says

    Great Job

  12. Redwinger Steve says

    What an awesome father and son trip. 👍🤘

  13. Jimbro Boss says


  14. Mary Patino says

    Wait you said you were going to just monster jam

  15. _ _ says

    damn Bryce grew man! I remember when he first got his ps4 dude damn time flies

  16. Levi Jackson says

    Great Vlog Clintus keep up the great work

  17. Steve Norman says

    Not first

  18. Cade Rodriguez says

    I live in hawaii and if you ever want to visit oahu then i can show you some fun places in hawaii island of oahu

  19. 92missken says

    Enjoyed the vlogs of the monster truck jam. And all your other vlogs! See you in the next Vlog.

  20. Dapigggy Roblox says

    Las Vegas is amazing!

  21. Brett Sanders says

    A great father. We should all be as great to our kids as you are to yours

  22. Bandit Plays says

    Clintus I subbed today to you on twitch today and I was kevio5

  23. Damien Garcia says

    Hey just an FYI there,s no more treasure island outside boat it,s been done for about 3-5 yrs.

  24. Cubebarol JR says

    I wish i could visit you someday, but its very expensive for a flight going there because i live in the Philippines but someday i might visit you guys

  25. Avia777 says

    You have the most awesome channel, it is always captivating content that keeps you glued to the screen! I really liked the Monster trucks videos and this one because you are showing us non US people things we will never get to see. Thankyou so much, you guys are awesome 👍😛✌️

  26. Mason Fullerton says

    Guys I love you're channel don't stop please 😰

  27. Prxdbtch says

    You should take bryce to a NBA game so he'll see how he's fans handle the ball

  28. Xpert Thief says

    Next food challenge should be like a sierral challenge so like the have to gues wich sierral it is

  29. johnnie green says

    I hate what they do now I don't watch them as much when they make blogs like they use to I will watch them more

  30. finley bock says

    I was at Los Vegas the first week of march and walk the strip with my soccer teamates

  31. Lazer Fluidz says

    600th like

  32. Robert Chevalier says

    Ok. Bryce’s burger looked great. Idk about yours. Lol! Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Orange Pop says
  34. Sid thegamer says

    What song at the end ?!!!

  35. Gamer Aj76 says

    Thank you so much clintus tv so nice you are my favourite you tuber

  36. Jean-GC The REMIXER Renette says

    hi Clintus I'm GC u might remember me as Gemma from the pass i dont know if you remember me anyway this is my new channel sub if u can

  37. Robert Schaul says

    You should have gone to walburgers

  38. Glamis Life says

    Clint you should go to top golf or pole position

  39. DARREN LAKEY says

    I actually had to do a project on the glass ceiling

  40. Kaleb. Tv155 says

    Great one

  41. trekkie604 says

    Walked from Forum Shops to Mandalay? Holy thats far

  42. Gamer Aj76 says

    Goo clintus tv

  43. Michael Shields says

    i like it

  44. Matthew Rose says

    Hi loved your vlog bro that was alot of walking i have been there before and i loved it

  45. Jesus Ramirez says

    Liked the video

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