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Washington DC day trip | Tourist attractions | Best way to visit DC


This video is about my day trip to Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America. You can see me travelling from Virginia to Washington DC by public transport. I took a local PRTC bus to Springfield Franconia metro station. Metro is the best way to reach Washington DC if you are staying in suburban areas. I took a metro from Springfield Franconia to Smithsonian station. Smithsonian metro station the nearest metro station for Washington Monument, National Mall, Holocaust museum, White House and other important tourist attractions. I have shared information about Washington metro fare and Washington metro one day pass, which is a prefered way to travel in DC for tourists. At the end of the day, I visited the Capitol building. Watch this video to see the beautiful family of my host in Virginia.

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  1. me & my family Mahajan says

    Aa p ko dar nahi lag ta hai . New country ka , new place ka

  2. Sumit Soral says

    Thanks Roshesh and family for hosting Varun. God bless you and your family.

  3. Vedanta Academy says

    This house is fantastics

  4. Vedanta Academy says

    Your camera shoot is bad in dark

  5. sabbir Kumar says

    sharfaraj bhai namaste, you are great, proud on you bhai, thank you.

  6. Study Scope says

    Bhut acha lgta h apki vedios ..
    Khub bhalo

  7. sri ram says

    68 countries that uncle traveled at his age varun bro will be in 168th countries so we can watch .

  8. Yash Sharma says

    Goosebumps. What a video, and what a story teller.

  9. Wired tomprose says

    beautiful family and a great host love for bangladeshi brothers from India

  10. Yo Music says

    Sir Aap ek baar please NASA ja kar ek Vlog oosme banaiye sir pllllleaase

  11. Yo Music says

    Please Visit NASA Space center

  12. Prince khan says

    Bro malta ke leye travel kro please

  13. Tarun Goyal says

    bhai Nepal ke mount Everest ka plane banao

  14. Tarun Goyal says

    bhai Nepal ke mount Everest ka plane banao

  15. Yogesh Rapatwar says

    Bhai dill se Indian lol

  16. Yogesh Pawar says

    amazing job bro

  17. akshay chavan says

    सर जी pls आइसलँड और कोस्टा रिका का भी plan करो और हमे दिखावा

  18. Debajyoti Biswas says

    Sir, you can use Sony XDR3000R…It has beautiful image Stabilization and less cylindrical (fish eye) effects than Go Pro 6

  19. Dhiraj B says

    Hi varun ,,,i have applied for passport after watching all your videos ,,don't want to miss any video of you ,I'm also following you on fb

  20. HARSH ANJARIA says

    you should now travel to middle east.. if you like get away from the glitz in middle east come to oman.

  21. Best Help In Hindi says

    Love your sir

  22. Mustu HzK says

    Were are you from bro??

  23. Mountain Ryder says

    dada best of luck for your all upcoming videos…too charming all videos. if posible in life i would like to go on a journey with u … utsarga from kolkata.


    Are you bengali dada??

  25. Ali Sultan says

    Live ur video u should go to Palestine some day and show the live suffering of those people .

  26. Sandeep Halder says

    jin logo varun ji ki hindi sarhana ki unse nivedaan hai ki hindi sahitya or kitaben bhi padhein. Satyath Prakash jaisi kitabe hamare jeevan ki dhrohar hai isse suruwat zarror karen

  27. gangaram arora says

    bhai tumhari video to dil cho gayi

  28. Ankit Prasad says

    Hindi Mai hi boleye please 🙏
    Proud fell hota hai

  29. Ayanabha Ghosh says

    কী হচ্ছে আমি জানি না……nice Bengali sir ❣️😘 love to watch your videos……

  30. Salah Aman says

    Bhulakkad bhayya 😀 but really intresting trip 。。。。。mza aya dekh k

  31. Gaurav Yadav says

    Bhai aap kha se ho

  32. Apna Gunarsi says

    Hindi is best

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